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I'm a Marathon Runner - Race Report

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vader has been confronted and has been turned into a Marathoner Finisher, woo hoo. What a crazy race.

I just love festive attire.

Race day started with spending two hours inside the hotel lobby waiting on race to start, it was way too cold and windy to hang outside.

Hubby surprised Sis and I with a pre-race gift, some shoe bling - a 26.2 charm for the shoe, thanks honey.

It was a cold, windy start to the race, good thing we brought the appropriate attire, ear muffs, jacket, etc.

First 6 miles went great, was running the usual pace, my friend Paulette and her hubby were braving the cold at mile 6 to cheer us on, thanks guys, it was a welcome site.

Mile 9 was when tragedy struck. I had been worried about how my right hip was going to hold out since I've been having issues forever with that pesky little muscle then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it felt like someone shot me in the left knee, what the heck? this was totally unexpected and had never happened before, we stopped to stretch but that didn't help. Had this not have been "the big race", I would have quit, however I knew I must go on. So I downed some ibuprofen, thank goodness I had a stash in the trusty ole fanny pack, so off we went. We ran the next 10 miles into the wind, uggghh, what a horrible way to go, but thank goodness it wasn't raining. Hubby was waiting with the camera on an overhead walkway at mile 13, so I told sis we had to make it look good so he wouldn't see me limping and worry, so I faked it pretty good, you can smile when you're in pain if you will it to happen, lol.

Our time was really slowing down at this point, we were running anywhere between a 13-14 minute mile, totally unacceptable in my standards, however I was wounded. Our longest mile was 15:48, you could tell we were dropping to the back of the pack.

By the time I hit mile 17 I was about done, my knee was hurting so bad I couldn't even walk so I had to keep running, mile 20, was excruciating, but I knew dad was parked around mile 24 to see his girls run, so I kept up the brave face and faked it real good.

Finish line was in sight, woo hoo, almost there, kept up the brave front til I made it across and then it was pretty obvious I was limping, but hey....I was done, I crossed the finish line, I'm a marathoner and it only took me 6:06 to finish, lol, I predicted 5 hours and I am sure we would have made that if it hadnt been for the knee, dang it, better luck next time, and there WILL BE a next time, you can bet on that.

I tried to have a little fun at the after party but I just needed a hot shower and an ice pack for the knee so home we went. Hubby was so proud, and I was proud too.

My daughter stopped by after the race to tell me how proud she was, that made me smile.

I came home to a super surprise too, a rug that says I CAN DO 26.2, how awesome is that.

I checked my garmin when I got home, apparently the race marshall that was supposed to be stationed at mile 9 had left, so sis and I ended up going the wrong away, along with a handful of other people, so we ended up finishing 27.5 miles, an extra 1.3 miles. I spent yesterday icing the knee and sleeping, today I seem to be much better. I wasn't sore except for the knee. Great race despite a few surprises with the knee. Going to take a few weeks off to get the knee back in shape.

Thanks for all my SP buddies for cheering me on, I couldn't have done it without ya. Thanks to a special someone who sent me a good luck charm, thanks Teresa for volunteering in the cold to hand out my medal, and of course a special thanks to my Sis, thanks for the great run and for pushing thru your pain too...we did it.
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