Attack of the Flu- and thoughts on work-a-holism

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well...the flu, or something like it, has attacked the office. The only thing I ran over the weekend was a temperature - and I stayed home from work yesterday to rest. Sunday night I fell asleep around 6:30pm and didn't wake up until 6:30am - I woke up for about a half an hour (to take my temperature and determine whether my sore throat was just that icky-waking up feeling or really being sick) - called into work and went back to sleep until around noon.

So - I slept for about 16 or 17 solid hours! (I feel like I could take another nap right now.)

I dragged myself to work this morning - no longer feverish, just shivery and tired (still tired!) - and learned that my supervisor has come down with the same darn thing that I have -only possibly worse because her immune system is so shot from the cancer meds she has to take.

I have the greatest respect for Cherie - she is so wise and I hope someday that I will be half as tactful, experienced, and gracious as she is. However, she is a die-hard work-a-holic. Honestly, it is something like a God-complex because she has this fear that if she doesn't work, then the whole office is going to fall apart. It's all on her. (I wish I could do something to relieve her of that burden.)

So, even when she is sick with a fever and sounds like death warmed over on the phone, she'll insist on 'getting on the computer' to check email and try to work a normal day. Our director doesn't help because she'll tell her to rest - but then send her questions and work even when she knows Cherie is sick.

I just got off the phone with her...and basically asked her why the heck she was calling me. Stop worrying about the email - you're sick. You're not going to get better without rest. Ignore calls from the other office - we can do without you for one day. Don't you dare get on your computer. If I come across something that I really can't manage on my own - I know I can call you. Stop worrying about me!

I'm having to recognize that I can't protect her from herself. If she chooses to work when she is sick - that's on her. It's frustrating for me because I know she will keep pushing herself even when she needs the rest - but I have to recognize that she is the one pushing herself.

At the same time, I have to be mindful of my choices and choose to rest when I know I need it. (This is hard, because I have a work-a-holic streak - and it is so hard not to adopt a work-a-holic attitude when you are working for a work-a-holic!) But I will not feel guilty for taking the day off yesterday - I will continue to make good choices for myself. I can't change Cherie's attitude toward work - I can only monitor my own.

So - Cheers - here's to slogging through the day and trying to make good choices.
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  • 4CYNDI
    It is so hard to take the time to recuperate, especially in the "have to do more" workplace environment we are in right now. I applaud your choice to stay home and a) get the rest you obviously needed. b) didn't give it to anyone who hadn't already been exposed. I know how hard it is to stay home and just rest when not feeling well, especially like your boss who has some immune deficiencies because of meds. But this is also a thing I've noticed that women especially badly because we perceive that our male counterpoints don't stay home when they should and we have to compete with them on one level and on the other it's our responsability to make sure everything goes well when we've made a commitment (like at work).

    Hang in there it's almost over. Rest and get well!
    1864 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Hope you feel better. There is no way that you will be ever able to change Cherie's attitude toward work since we are all different.

    1864 days ago
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