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Short Update

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My weight has been reasonably stable the last couple of months. I have mixed emotions about that. On the one hand….yay! I think I found somewhat of a maintenance groove. On the other hand…boo! I don’t get really many more calories to eat. It will be interesting going forward to see what happens. I have put on a bit of muscle in the last 6 months. I figure at some point that will settle in and then we’ll see what happens. I did a bodpod in December and came out at 19.5% body fat. I’ll do another bodpod in May to see if what I think is happening is actually happening. I have been working to add heavier weights to my lifting days (I only do two days most weeks). So, May will tell if it has been working. On the plus side, my arms will look good in sleeveless tops (even with the batwings!).

I’m going to try a yoga class next week. I think I need to also work on flexibility. My IT bands and hip flexors are tight so my squat totally sucks. It would be nice to get more flexibility. I just hope I don’t hurt myself!

To keep this weight loss journey, you have to keep trying new things. I think if I ever get my squat to be fairly decent, I might attempt getting certified to teach kettlebells. I love kettlebells. They are so versatile and a great mixture of strength and cardio. Yet another goal to accomplish.

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