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Day 39 - In which I Stop Being Lazy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

After being sick, my exercise / sleep schedule were very messed up... it made it difficult to get up early, it made me want to just sit around. I watched a lot of TV. I ate a lot of cheesy, salty, and fried food. Despite my healthy meal plans, I craved fat and sugar constantly. I couldn't sleep at night, I couldn't wake up in the morning. My muscles were a series of painful knots. I got cramps from SITTING ON THE COUCH. Depression reared its ugly head. I got irritable. I felt awful.


I forced myself to get up early today (coffee, thank you). I am making no more excuses. I have a goal, and sitting around wishing for it is not going to make it happen. I can't just "focus on nutrition," because my hormones need to be reset through exercise. I need to crave that banana and protein shake, instead of those Swedish fish and french fries. I know I will feel SO MUCH BETTER after working up a sweat on the treadmill and doing a bit of strength training. Soreness from ST is so much better than soreness from depression (it's like the difference between self-confidence and self-loathing). I need those natural anti-depressants, and I need my exercise to keep my eating on track. Even though my brain is putting everything it can into making excuses right now, I remember how workouts made me feel in the past. Logic trumps excuses. I want to change more than I want to make excuses.

Project MOTIVATE SELF commence:

I'm off to run and strength train!!!

Update: I feel so much better after that workout!!!!! Why oh why do I ever make excuses in the first place?
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