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Lets Go!!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out." Italian Proverb

How many of times do you have something to do and put it off because it is not on your favorites list. It takes a lot less time to do the tasks you hate so just do them. Put your foot forward and start and walaaa, presto changeo done!!!!

Husband's don't read this unless you help with the housework. Washing dishes ,folding clothes, only take a couple minutes so just start you'll be done a lot quicker than you think. Cooking supper seems like it takes hours, but if you use the food processor, and microwave it usually only takes 10 minutes and part of that is down time .

I have to much to do I have no time to exercise you say . Do you have time to watch tv or read a book than you have lots of time to exercise. Put a book on your e-reader and take it to the gym while you get on the treadmill. Watch the news at the gym on their tv ,you'll be saving electricity at home, while you hit the weights. If you must take your phone with you as you stroll around the block ,make those important calls , but watch out for cars!!!

No time to cook you say. Put some non stick spray on a baking dish put some salmon on it sprinkle with dill or bay seasoning pop in oven .Put some oil in a pan with a lid add garlic and some power greens , cook for two minutes stir , cook for another minute done. Put some water and brown rice in a pan wait for it to boil add brown rice put cover on wait 20 minutes. Come on people who doesn't have time for that. If you don't like salmon , put chicken on a baking pan spray with no stick spray 20 minutes later done.
Tony Horton and Nike say it best" Just Do IT". When you procrastinate things take longer. So let's go start that project we are almost done!!! Hugs
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