made it through the weekend... now on to the next challenge!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I made it through the challenge of cooking for a group this weekend! Yes, I snacked more than I would have liked to, but I didn't snack as much as I could have! I was conscious of it more than anything! That helps tremendously!

So on to the next challenge.... figuring out how to make that d#$m scale move.... emoticon
-- I'm 5 months in on 2x's/week Zumba
-- I'm 4 weeks in on the TRX workouts 2x's/week
-- I'm 4 weeks in on tracking EVERYTHING I eat and watching my portions
-- I'm 4 weeks in on drinking at LEAST 64oz of water every day... very little else...
-- I'm 2 weeks in on walking 3 mornings a week... bringing my workouts to 5x's/week

and the scale has gone up 2 pounds... emoticon

VERY, VERY, VERY frustrating! I get the entire "your building muscle which weighs more" argument... I've told people that very same thing.... but dang it... I need that muscle to start doing it's job and start eating that dang fat! I NEED to see a negative difference on that scale SOON! If I don't, then what's the point of all of this?!? I'm working my ASS off and nothing is happening! My muscles burn and ache and I feel better later, but damn it, this isn't why I'm doing this... I NEED to lose weight. I WANT to lose weight! Yes, I want to get healthy, but why is everybody else losing weight, and I just stay the same... I'm tired of being the cheerleader! I need to see some changes... in my clothes, on the scale... ANYTHING that indicates that I'm losing size! emoticon

Everyone says, "shoot for 5%"... "shoot for 10%"... whatever.... I can't seem to reach 1 pound! It is so discouraging.... I even cried after I stepped off the Wii on Sunday morning... I'm so TIRED of it saying "that's obese"!

And yes, I've had my throid checked... nothing wrong there....

please, if you're reading this... DON'T just tell me to "not give up".... please DON'T tell me to "keep on keepin' on".... please DON'T say anything of the sort in the comments for this blog.... I DON'T want to hear it....

If you some other way to say those very things, then go ahead... but I just am not in the mood to hear that right now! I just need support... if even just in the form of a hug and saying "I understand"..... I just needed to vent and let this frustration go somewhere.... I'm NOT giving up!

My daughter asked me tonight... it's great that you have the goal of losing weight for my wedding, but then what?..... I told her that I hope that by then it's a lifestyle change and it's pretty "normal" for me to be doing the things I'm doing now.... both her and her fiance said that they are pretty sure it is a lifestyle change already for me 'cuz I seem pretty dedicated.... but I'm not really sure of that yet! Right now I have a lot of people keeping me going... Shawn comes in every Tue&Thurs and trains me... Rhonda comes in M-W-F and walks with me... but the true test will come next week when it's Spring Break and there is nobody there!

Okay, over and done.... whining down for now...

Pick myself up... dust myself off... and quit whining.... Just keep moving! emoticon
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  • SAM_I_AM_2K
    Measurements are a great indicator! (I will frequently plateau on weight loss only to lose significant inches...)

    The other thing I would suggest is to change it up. Maybe you're always eating X and you need more Y... I've found that any change I can make in my eating (adding more protein, cutting down sugar - my downfall, etc) has had a positive outcome on the scale... maybe little, but little is good for me!
    2219 days ago
    Thanks guys! I appreciate it! I was just in that mood last night...and it helped to blog about it! One of these days, I'm going to step on that scale and it's going to be a "Biggest Loser Moment".... a BIG loss and I'll be elated! Until then, I just keep pushing on!

    Thanks! emoticon
    2226 days ago
    Oh, I hear the "that's obese" and I cringe everytime. That and when you first turn that balance board on, and step on it, you here the"oohhh". Like it already knows it's going to be bad. We've all had the same feelings you do. I wish I could help you figure out what's keeping that weight from falling off. It's sounds like you're dedicated, so I know it will happen for you.
    2227 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2227 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    Been there, done that! I've resorted to measuring myself as that scale can be a friend as well as an enemy! We're here for you! You've already beat yourself up, keep it moving! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2227 days ago
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