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Monday, March 18, 2013

Today I started my new meal plan. It's a lot of food - high protein. I had to force myself to eat a good deal of my dinner and my evening snack because I wasn't remotely hungry. And it all came out to under 1400 calories. Most of the food I wouldn't eat by choice. I'm hoping I can acquire a taste for celery, somehow? Oddly enough, my favorite food of the day was my eggs for breakfast. The protein shake was tastier than I expected too. Thanks for the BodyLogix suggestion, Beechnut. I dig it.

I forced myself to eat almonds and celery and meat that I cooked badly. I hope I get better at the cooking and cleaning part of all of this. Between all the time I spend at the gym and prepping my food and cleaning up after myself... I don't think I will be able to keep this up. It's just so time consuming. I spent all of my evening last night cooking and cleaning, with a run in there for fun. Tonight I got off work at 5:30, went to the gym, got home at 7 and didn't settle down to relax until 9:30. That's insane.

And rather than waste more time on this stuff today, I'm going to go to bed early and read until I fall asleep. Goodnight.
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    I take short-cuts.

    I can throw a chicken in the crockpot in the morning (frozen) and turn it on low and when I get home it's done and falling off the bone. I use my crockpot a lot. When recipes tell me to precook something before I throw it in the crockpot, I typically disregard it. If you ever want to ask if it's safe to do (it usually is) send me a message. I've probably tried it at some point.

    There are pre-prepped veggies at the grocery store, but they're sort of expensive, so I'll just mass cut them up. I have a food processor, and it slices or Julienne's my vegetables. Spaghetti squash is noodle-like.

    I have some easy recipes - now that I have less time to cook, I'm not making anything fancy. Actually, eating mostly meat and freggies has shaved my cooking time considerably.

    Organic celery tastes worlds better. Don't buy the produce from Randazzo's if you actually want to eat it raw. It's flavorless. Nino's produce is better but it's more expensive. I started buying it because at least we would eat it all. But it's also a taste acquisition thing - you have to get used to the taste of vegetables again, which are milder than the taste of pizza, unfortunately.

    Frozen vegetables are a big help. I make those a lot at dinner, and then just throw some pork chops or something in the pan with some spices. The steamer bags of microwave veggies are really easy.

    I like to make a big salad at the beginning of the week, mix it all up (except the tomatoes - they get mealy if you refrigerate them) and just grab a fat handful and throw it in a tuppy to take to work. I toss in some nuts, feta, raisins, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It's really tasty.

    Stir-fries are also helpful - just throw some veggies (that you chopped in mass at the beginning of the week) in a pan with some olive oil and whatever spices you want, and then when they're about done, throw in some chicken (that you cooked in mass at the beginning of the week) and heat it through.

    Aldi has the best price on nuts. Don't eat their meat - it's weird and they radiate it for freshness. Gross. They're produce is also pretty good - I like their Artisan lettuce (get a salad spinner if you don't have one!). I buy most of my produce from them except when the farmer's market is open. They have a good price on little bell peppers too. Once they're washed, I just grab entire bell peppers and snack on them. And I don't need to explain my love of their mom chocolate.

    Hardboil a bunch of eggs and then just peel them and eat them and let your office smell like farts. Especially if you want to drive away some of those temps and interns that keep asking you questions all day.

    Oh, and this is random and dangerous - the flavor packets at Little Caesars are perfect. If you steal some, they're helpful for saving time.

    As for the gym - I'm in and out in about a half hour, including warm up and stretching. If I'm busy fiddling with stacking a bunch of weights so I'm not deadlifting at a deficit or something, it's a little longer. And I know you get to work early, but I find it's a lot easier to do it in the morning. When I have somewhere to go after work, it seems like I have no free time and I get stressed. But if I go in the morning before work, I have it out of the way. Unfortunately, that would mean getting there pretty early for you. The gym is also a lot quieter in the morning. There are at least 3 times as many people in the weight room in the evening, and all the cardio machines are taken, when I stop in after work to take Avery to swim class. In the morning, it's just me and a couple guys (who are older and mind their own damn business), and I rarely have to wait to use anything.

    Hope you don't mind my massive post of suggestions. You can disregard them if you want. :)
    2072 days ago
    It's great to add veggies back into your eating. I just forced down a good bit of lettuce that I've never been fond of. Good luck on changing your tastebuds!
    2073 days ago
    Sounds like a big new challenge. Great success to you.
    2073 days ago
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