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Hiking in Auckland, New Zealand (photo's)

Monday, March 18, 2013

It is raining today (Tuesday 19 th) and I am really so glad. It is hard to see the land so brown and dry. As far as I am concerned it can rain for the next two weeks.

Mr. Roelf and I had a really great walk in the Waitakare Ranges. This is the circle route marked in a white doted line that is where we have been walking.

It was very up and down and very, very steep uphill back to the car. We enjoyed every moment. No matter how hard I exercise… the moment I do something different I notice it with muscles crying out: “have mercy”!

Here are some photos from our walk, we hope you will enjoy it with us:

It does not matter where we walk there are always palm trees and I am still surprised by that.

This little plant stole my heart; it is so tenacious to grow in big sand dunes. Look how dry the grasses are but this little plant is every where in tiny clusters and very green.

Also the sand of the West Coast on the beaches is looking black but a close up reveals all colours in the sand.

The sand is almost looking like velvet.

The hardest part was getting over this sand dune. In the photo it is not looking that high but it turned my legs into jelly.

After I have broken a rib while out walking I am very careful where I put my feet. The upside of that is that I notice all the little plants, grasses etc, as I walk.

I have no idea what type of vine this is, all I noticed was the lovely colours in the green field.

The sky was very overcast and we had some light drizzle but at other times the sun were making light streaks in my photos. I don’t claim expert quality of the photos, I just want you to see thought my eyes.

Out of focus but still very pretty.

These yellow daisies are everywhere… and so are these

I am always amazed at the variety of grasses to be found on earth.

These are growing between the mountains where there are wetlands. It is almost surreal walking through it as it is much taller than Mr. Roelf.

This photo is not to show of my pedicure, it is showing how we had to wade through calf deep streams and it was so refreshing! I enjoyed that.

Lunch time: Chicken drumstick and salad, 1 bread roll (looking deceptively big but is not) and a container 1/3 of fresh pomegranate, 1/3 yogurt and 1/3 of my home made muesli/granola with no sugar and no oil. The only drinks we take are water. Just clean tap water.

We had lunch on the banks of this river. It is a great place to stop and rest before the torturous uphill walk to get back to the car.

The happy and very tired couple, grateful for another adventure together.

Thank you for stopping by. May light, grace and hope be part of your day.
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