Week 9 Reflection

Monday, March 18, 2013

A BLC Homework Assignment!

9 weeks ago, I posted the blog copied herein. Here are my original goals and my reflections on how I'm doing. Spoiler alert: Not good.

Where will I be in 12 weeks?

1. Tracking my food consistently, daily. This means all the way through dinner, NOT stopping just because I'm no longer sitting in front of my planner.

Not so hot. I have tracked my food about 3 days a week this challenge. That is pitiful. The downfall comes when I get home from school, snack, don't write it down, then figger (that figgerin' gets me every time) that I don't have any idea how many points I have left, so why bother writing down dinner. Why bother? Because it is necessary for weight loss, that's why. Definitely room for improvement here.

2. Exercising daily for at least 10 minutes. Many days it will be more than this, and my weekly average should be 200 minutes, but gotta eat that elephant one bite at a time, and 10 minutes often leads to more.

I am reeeealllly having a hard time here. Last spring, Tom was not working and able to be home with the kids after school. This year, I am literally racing out of school at the absolute contract length day, flying home at 75 mph, and JUST meeting the bus at my driveway. That means the wonderful Wellness Center at work goes unvisited, as it is not open in the mornings. I have been trying to do the yoga in the morning, but it requires a 4:30 am wake up on my part to squeeze it in, and that is not happening of late because...

3. Living the motto: Early to bed, early to rise. Yes, weekends, too.

I did GREAT with this one for the first few weeks. Then my calendar exploded, and there are just not enough hours in the day. I only have the time to write this because I schemed to catch my kids screwing up so I could send them to their rooms for 15 mins. I am staying up way too late and doing wonderful with the early to rise...the schedule lately even has me up by 5:30 on the weekends. Of course, that's a bad combo--stay up late, get up early. It has led to lots of eating just to stay awake. When you are nodding off on the way IN to work at 6:15, that is a sign that you may need more sleep.

4. Enjoying the memory and satisfaction of having completed the Shamrock Run with zee wunderkidlets.

It's this coming weekend. I signed up, even though I have not trained and will be a pitiful excuse for a "runner." Don't care. Gonna have some fun and be with fitness-minded people and my babies.

5. Looking forward to the 1/2 marathon that I will have signed up to walk.



My goals haven't changed. The steps I need to take (see original plan) are sound and haven't changed. What has changed is my behavior. I tend to be hardest on myself, and am tempted to say I am being lazy and self-indulgent, but I am not squandering time. I don't sit here on the couch, watching TV. I am not choosing sedentary things in place of fitness. I am just genuinely so crunched for time that it is all I can do to park at the far end of the parking lot at the grocery store (which I do!) and call it fitness. I cannot do anything about my responsibilities, so I need to stop beating myself up about the fitness piece a little.

BUT the eating is another story. Healthy nutrition does take time to plan, prepare, and reflect, and I CAN manage to carve out minutes for that. I MUST. I did plan a menu for the week and do my big shop yesterday so we are all stocked up. But right now I am choosing writing this blog over preparing the cod I bought :( The leftover corned beef, which is a far less optimal choice, is creeping closer and closer to being a valid option for dinner the longer I sit here. Not good!

I am paring down to the absolute minimum in my life, and it's still sinking me. Definitely, positively, NOT GOOD.

Soldiering on.
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    As long as you don't give up, you are ok. Rome was not build in one day... so the saying goes and Spark is promoting little steps all leading in the same direction. Now make go again through your list and say thank you for the things you are doing right.
    2861 days ago
    Oh, wow, you are in a tough situation! Hugs! I've heard people say that nutrition is 80% of the equation, so maybe just tracking will be a big help for you. Have FUN on your race this weekend!!
    2861 days ago
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