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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ever do something and then afterward realize – “that was SO cool”?!?

I have to admit, I don’t watch my Spark trophies all that close. Yeah cool I did it and move on is my normal attitude. Last night while waiting for hubby to get home, I was playing with my trophies. I realized that I have had 12 months straight with 1,000 minutes or more of fitness minutes! How cool is that! This am it dawned on me – I’ve only been on Spark for 12 months!

I went from almost stationary to 17 hours of fitness in the month I joined Spark. Now granted that first March, the total was only 924 min. But as of April 2012, I have not fallen below 2,500 minutes. Talk about surprising yourself! My average is 3,126 per month! That’s 52 hours – how the heck am I finding that kind of time?!?!

Sitting here I realize, I find the time everywhere. I sneak ST in whenever I use the restroom here at work. I walk half of my lunch almost every day (today is a no go as we have a downpour of freezing rain). I gave up ONE TV show a night and walk my dogs. I do weights and other ST while watching movies. I use the elliptical when I watch a TV (commercial to commercial). It has actually become second nature to try to fit in something here or there.

Had you told me about all these changes last March – I can guarantee I would have LAUGHED in your FACE. Now, I just want to do better. So if this lazy (and yes, by nature I am), movie loving, TV addicted, gamer can get it done – so can anyone. And I think that was kind of the point.

Oh, and for other gamers – do NOT do an elliptical while playing Skyrim. The handle will hit the controller and you will kill you henchman, just saying. Legs only!
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