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The time is right

Monday, March 18, 2013

Everything comes gradually and at its appointed hour ." Ovid

Most people in the world today want instant gratification. They want something and they want it now. The world is a hurried place and no one likes to wait ,to see what will develop.

Remember when you got out of high school or college and put in a ton of applications because you wanted a job now. Was it when you gave up your search and thought that you would never possibly get one that an offer was dropped right into your lap. That happened to me and I have been at my current company for 35 years this October.

I remember when my finance broke off our engagement six months before the wedding, right before Christmas. He said he was never into me so I wanted a boyfriend so bad. Then just when I was falling into love with me and my solitude. I loved coming home to my little apartment and grabbing a book and sitting out on the deck off of my bedroom under a big tree. I would read till it got dark make myself a simple healthy supper and sleep with the screen door to my bedroom open. The cool breeze would restore my soul and help me to fall in love with life again.

I was happy and content in my solitude happier than I had ever been in life. It was the night I was supposed to get married, I was depressed and hated men with a passion .My friend begged me to go out with her she needed to meet someone and didn't want to go solo. So I went . I ran into Darren a boy from down the street, a friend of my cousins, someone I found annoying . He said I had sexy legs and asked me to dance. He said it was his birthday. I told him this was going nowhere. And we have been married over 20 years.

The point is to never give up, when you never suspect it something good will happen. You will get over that plateau, the weight will start coming off. The exercise routine will get easier , you will have more energy and feel better. When ,well we were never born to know the when or how of some things they just happen,
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