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Day Six and Day Seven

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Friday, Joey began to develop a fever. My doc called in an anti-biotic. I gave him a dose with Tylenol. My parents arrived that night. We planned to go to the parade for St. Pats the next day. We all had a late dinner. Everything went as planned.

Since Joey has been sick, I have not been able to get to bed before 4AM. So I feel asleep a little earlier, at 3ish. At 5:30 my mom woke me to tell me Joey had a disturbingly high fever. I asked what and she said 107 and 106 F under the arm. My heart began racing. He was crying and sluggish. My mom said he did some gagging but did not actually throw up. I made a tylenol dosage, called the nurse and intersted a rectal thermometer all at once while trying to deal with onset panic attack. His rectal read 104.6. Gave tylenol, used a cold rag on his body, I waited 30 mins to hear back from a nurse. By then his temp was back down. She said I was doing all the right things but recommended rotating tylenol with motrin and keeping up with the anti-biotic and trying to reach doctor when his office opened up at 9. I waited til 9 and no answer. Turns out they were closed for the holiday. Joey was asleep and doing fine but I called the nurse back anyway. She wanted me to avoid the ER based on his symptoms. He would play when his temp was down, he was eating and drinking a little bit. So at that point things were ok. The parade had already started and my mom encouraged me to go a couple of hours while she supervised Joey. So my husband and I went. The weather was nice and the parade was festive but I was so tired, I think I would have been better off at home sleeping.

We go home after a couple of hours. I get in bed but everyone keeps waking me, needing this, Joey began crying after my mom left him in the room with me to go shopping. I think I got about three broken up naps, each one hour. At the third hour, my mom woke me to tell me Joey was reading high temps on his thermometer. Repeat everything that happened at 5:30am. I had a panic attack, inserted rectal for reading, cold compress, tylenol. It was 104.3. I called the nurse and she told me tepid bath. So we did that and it worked.. The rest of the night was a medicine rotation with tylenol and motrin. No sleep for me last night, maybe 45 minutes. I was too scared to sleep, afraid that his temp would take off again, so I spent the night touching him. He actually did not need anything between midnight and 6AM. I checked and it was 101.3. So I gave him tylenol. I waited until 8am and handed him to my mom and slept til 2pm.

My parents leave today. I am stressed and tired. My son can't breathe at all through his nose but I hope I'm over the worst..............again. Let's hope so.

Nothing to update on eating, other than I've been eating crap and I'm exhausted.

Thanks for readings, prayers, thoughts, and support.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry you and Joey are going through this. I hope the doctor will see him soon. This has gone on way too long.
    1921 days ago
    I'm sorry to see this. I know how scary it can be. We went through this with my son. He finally outgrew this, but we did this periodically for a few years (this was 25 years ago, and I know medicine has come a long way since then). I hope you are able to get him to the doctor today to get an answer as to what's causing the fever.

    You and your family are in my prayers.
    1922 days ago
    I've never had a child with persistent high fever like yours. I hope he is back at the doctor's today. High fever is dangerous and a sign of something else. What could it be?
    1922 days ago
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