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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I started Spark People on Jan 20, 2013. I had been being prepared for this for most of my life! I had tried all of the different bits of advice which never really worked and in some cases, definitely put me on the wrong path! Like eating more times during the day to loose more! (without watching my calories or changing what I ate) I gained Weight! Duh! Eating only fruits and veggies! It was claimed that it is difficult to eat more calories in a day than you use each day that way! I didn't find it hard to overeat and did! I gained weight! I did the meat and fat diet and lost 50lbs! I started having problems with my lymph nodes ( they became swollen an hurt really bad) and when I stopped doing the diet, I gained the weight back and more! I tried not focusing on food and not worrying about what I looked like because beauty is truly on the inside! I gained weight and my health suffered! The truth is that the beauty inside actually is reflected in the beauty that shines through to the outside! Lack of self-control is not beautiful! (sometimes the truth hurts) I tried to diet on my own and would become discouraged, would quit and gain the weight back with more! Those diets didn't feel natural, were awkward to follow (because I wasn't educated on the why of what I was being told to do) and didn't feel like it was a healthy, natural, free flowing way of living. They didn't set me free to steer myself on the path to success. Many of the diets felt like cages that I had to cram myself into where I would get punished for wanting to get out! I tried recruiting friends to join in to provide inspiration and support! Our schedules never messed and our goals never seemed to mesh as well! They/I didn't like the diet plan or want to participate in the exercise routines or couldn't due to scheduling conflicts and availability. Needless to say with those methods, things never took off and that added to the depression of being alone with my health, fitness and weight issues! I rebelled, ate more to satisfy my emotional heart's cry of frustration and gained more weight! I tried the Nutri-System Diet and was amazed at the lies that they blatantly told! The food I bought was about what I spent on food each month but then I was required to go buy fresh foods in addition to their food and had to follow a plan that took coordination and effort that I was led to believe wasn't going to be required. The portions were meager and the mindless method of their weight loss program created a dependence on their products for life if I was to be successful on that program. I had 100lbs to loss and then what, would I fail again and just add on more weight? I was going to be tethered to the supplier for any real long term success! I knew it wasn't the lifestyle change that I had come to realize that I needed. It was like being dumbed down to lose and it was a scavenger hunt without a map to find what I needed to make it a long term path to change! Then once I collected everything on the list, I didn't have an understanding of how or why the puzzle pieces where to be put together to create the big picture that was suppose to appear when it was all done! Whatever I tried in the past for whatever reason, didn't work and didn't last because they didn't lead to a path of long term change and the healthy lifestyle that I knew I needed! They weren't diet plans that I could include my kids in on! They were like a box that I had to crawl into and isolate myself from the world that was happening around me!

Every different thing I've tried didn't include me revamping my menu to an all new, long term lifestyle mentality that replaced my bad foods with good foods while training me to read the labels becoming educated, track my food and calories while giving me an
understanding of what my body needed to be healthy! They didn't provide me with experiences, support, encouragement and an unending supply of knowledge about all of the areas of my life that I need to change to transition to the lifestyle that will provide the all round, long term success that I've been searching for! Now I've swapped out all of the foods in my kitchen. I've become educated about healthy nutrition. I am learning healthy habits! Now I get to choose what I eat and what I don't and know why I am doing what I am doing to get me where I want to go. My Spark Friends are always there and I don't have to worry about meshing schedules! I get a convenient daily, one-stop place with 24/7 access to all of the tools I need to succeed! To top it off, I know it is not being done to take that cash from my pocket to build the over the top lifestyle of some entrepreneur who developed a system to cash in on. This place is a place where everyone has a common goal to learn, change and succeed. We all realize that it is together where we come to that place of success that we couldn't accomplish alone! Not for the sake of financial gain but for spiritual, emotional and physical long term success! We am being set free to make healthy choices from the world that exists around us and to incorporate the things that work within that world that are productive and healthy so that we can be part of the world that is happening around us and that we get to be a part of!

So I thank every one of you that help to create the success that exists here on Spark People! I Thank Spark Guy for footing the bill to bring this great new world to us online so that we may succeed! The greater reward is seeing the lives and internal changes that are being brought about showing forth external changes in all of the beautiful people that were burdened by the unhealthy lifestyles who are now being released to a whole new life! I am happy to have been welcomed to this family just as I was to be guided to the place where I was always intended to be! Healthy, Happy, Wise and able to share the love and goodness that life has to offer with those around me!

Be Blessed and Know that you matter and are appreciated for being you! Our future is just beginning and our tomorrows will be so much brighter than our yesterdays as we stay on the path that leads us to each goal that we reach, each experience that we share and the warmth that we share with each other as we grind away at the chains that have held us down until we are released to the freedom of Living, Loving and Laughing everyday!

I have had the success of losing 23lbs. in 52 days because of you! I know I couldn't have done this alone because I did try! I've had this success without even having a daily work out routine each day yet and know that as I continue my journey, life will only improve! The workouts are coming and are one of my goals as part of the plan and are being added to this new lifestyle that has no end in sight! I am excited. I am motivated! I am on the path to greater success and I invite all of you to come along! You matter! I matter! WE MATTER!

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