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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Metaphysical Fair comes to Denver twice a year. I try to go whenever it gets into town. I went last year in March and then again yesterday. When I go I always have a picture taken of my aura. I find it extremely enlightening.

When I had it done last year, my aura was completely red, no other colors. I was upset because I thought that it must mean anger. When it was explained to me the lady told me that it didn't necessarily mean anger. In most cases it means that there are major changes going on and the red signifies courage. She said that I was trying to make some pretty major changes in my life and that making those changes was taking courage to achieve. As she went on with my reading, I was how accurate she was. I was, in fact, in the midst of some pretty major things.

When it was done yesterday, there were a number of colors. Ranging from white, green, violet to gold. The reader began immediately telling me that I was going through..changes! Okay, so tell me something I don't know. But then she began to expand and say that the changes I am attempting to achieve are on more of a spiritual level than a physical one. I had not said one word to her at that point. She had gotten my attention. She clarified the locations of the colors and explained that significance. Once again, I was amazed. Anyone who has been checking out my page knows that I specifically have been working on the inside of me more at this point in my journey. She hit it pretty much on the head of that nail.

All in all I find that when I have these readings done it lets me know that all I am doing and all I am trying to do is working. It's real. And that is amazing. God is working on me, and for once I am beginning to listen, and try to work with Him.

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P.S. On a side note, I was pretty happy when she talked about the gold around the outside edges of my aura, she said that it meant there were some good things out there and they were going to be coming to me! While I'm pretty sure she didn't mean the lottery, I am glad to hear this. This is a good thing!
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