Starting week 26: A rough time...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Well I've been having quite a hard time with my blood sugar, almost passed out a few times in the last 3 weeks, and I kind of blacked out - I think it was on a Tuesday. I remember sitting at the table eating lunch, I remember finishing lunch and putting the things away, and then I remember nothing after that until I woke up on the couch aprox. an hour and a half later. The next few days I discovered a bruise on my bottom and a scrape on my elbow that I have no memory of. Even thinking about it now frustrates me because no matter how hard I try I can't remember anything! Blah! It's never happened to me before so I guess I'm not used to it.

Since then I started trying to add a little bit of meat and sugar to my diet. Mostly for the meat I have chicken or turkey - but meat is so expensive, sometimes we have to settle for ground beef, which I don't like too much cause it really doesn't settle on my tummy too well :/
The only reason I added meat is 'cause I figure on the EXTREMELY limited grocery budget, I really wasn't buying the things I should have to eat healthy enough as a vegetarian. You have to have a certain balance in your diet, and I simply couldn't because of money.

So unfortunately, since I started adding the other things to my diet, I gained a few pounds... Blehk! I hope as soon as money problems are not so bad I can go back to eating mostly vegetarian... I don't have the dizzy spells as bad now, but my tummy and I don't like these new foods too much :(
It may be silly but since I started eating more meat, my cravings for junk food have gone through the roof! Which could be an additional reason for my weight gain, since sometimes I eat without thinking! I think now is the time to start trying to count my calories again, since I'm sure I'm consuming way more than 1300 a day. Not good!
While I was eating vegetarian I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain anything, but with the food I have now I really have to watch it. Blah! I don't have enough time in the day already... But I think at this point counting calories is important enough to make time for.

While playing soccer on Friday I managed to fall and land on my hip. I thought nothing was hurt, I was just a little sore on my leg and hand... But I woke up around 4 am the next morning and found out my hip was so sore I couldn't even move it without agony. I managed to walk to the bathroom and back, but barely. It was quite a struggle to get back into bed, I couldn't hardly lift my leg at all! I was, as you can imagine, a little panicked at this time. But I know I have a habit of being anxious about anything to do with my body so I decided to put some Arnica ointment on my hip and leg and try to sleep. Sure enough by evening the swelling was down a bit and little splotches of bruise were showing up around the area. Today I'm still suffering from a bit of soreness, and there's still a bit of swelling, but it's not nearly as bad as the first night. I'm not seeing much more bruising, but I assume that will take a while to come out, if it was such a deep bruise. Kind of crazy! I didn't think I had fallen very hard.

Anyway, on a positive note, my German classes are going so quickly! I think it took me a year of self study to learn in Japanese half of what I already know in German.
Every time my Man's little boy visits for the weekend, I know more. So it's really helping us both now that I can communicate with him in German. I really think it makes him feel more comfortable to speak to me directly instead of having his dad translate for us. I still have a bit of a hard time with complicated sentences, and I really need to learn more vocabulary, but as I said, overall it's going great. I've really started looking forward to the classes rather than dreading them like I did before. Yay!

So anyway, I guess I should wrap up this rather long blog... Long for me, anyway. Lol!

I hope everyone has a great day, and a great week. Wish me luck with the calorie counting stuff! It's really gonna be a struggle to start up again, I think.
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  • BEEJAY49
    Despite having to eat the meat, I'm glad you're starting to get things back under control. I'm not a vegetarian, and it is hard when you crave the junk foods. You can do this though! :) Hang in there, and I know you will take good care of yourself. :)

    My hubby loves the German language. He knows some of it, but not as much as he would like. I got him a disk to learn more from but he's not a computer person so he doesn't work with it much. LOL!

    2226 days ago
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