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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today I woke up sick....it sucks to be sick and un-motivated. My husband ordered pizza so of course I ate the "bad" pizza. Also didn't get to the gym today. But I did finish my videos for my Sunny Gal team. At least I got some exercise in today. I'm all bloated right now from the pizza and from TOM being right around the corner. In fact any day now.

I didn't fight with my husband about the pizza. He is already having enough of a rough day. Today was his dad's birthday he would have been 71. It's the first b-day which is always the hardest. I feel bad for him I know how he is feeling. Also brings up sad thoughts of my mom.

But I know that I can't let that get my life all off course! Tomorrow is Brandon's first day off and I'm making him go to the gym with me and then we are going to go play Frisbee Golf. Then go to the duck pond. My challenge this week for my team is being outside. I plan on doing this everyday! Plus this day will not be written off as a waste it's going to be my day of rest. So the rest of the week I'm going to bust my butt!

4 months- 40lbs!! HERE I COME!!
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