I am the biggest idiot alive, I don't even know how to make a sandwich!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Okay day started off okay I felt decent which means on a pain meter from 1 (low pain) to 10 (high pain) I was like a 6 1/2 ya that's my decent day. I went to what we thought was more of a garden show but was a home show that was disappointing.
Then we went to a few stores just to look around and then ended up at BJ's and bought some food, that place is huge so we walked quite a bit and of course it was sample day and Yes I sampled some strawberries but I also samples a cake boss cake omg it was good thank god it was just a sample!
Okay now to the good part where I find out that I have to be the biggest idiot on the fac of this earth because I don't know how to make a sandwich, yes a sandwich it was so boldly pointed out to me today by my dad! I went out of my way to make my dad a sandwich even bought a deli meat that we don't eat in my family but dad likes, bought tomatoes which dad likes and bought lettuce which I needed.
I made him a nice sandwich of Mortadella, with a nice slice of tomato and lettuce with American cheese in a nice bulky roll. (I'm not like my brother I can't afford to go out and buy meals for my dad as my brother has my dads checkbook and money so when I buy something for my dad it's really a sacrifice unlike my brother who just reimburses himself with dads money and my brother doesn't need to cause he's got money).
So , I bring it to dad because he made me feel guilty yesterday about not seeing him because my brother is in Florida AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! and it doesn't seem to phase him that when I don't go it's cause my lyme and fibro are in an uproar.
So I make him the sandwich cause he likes nothing at the rehab and this is what I heard. First of all no thank you! but............. oh you didn't put any mustard on this? I said I didn't know if you liked mustard on that, god you didn't cut it? omg you put too much meat on it and lettuce, I said I put two pieces of meat and that's not a lot of lettuce. then I hear go get me a knife and mustard. I put mustard on it and cut it in half for him. he's eating it , then a slice of the tomato falls out of his mouth on the floor... god see what you made me do cause you sliced it too thick!
I felt like saying I should of brought you nothing then I just could of sat there and not been picked apart for trying to do something nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't get it I took the time to make him a sandwich and he just didn't appreciate it , but ate every bite! My brother showed up (the other one that visits for 5 to 10 minutes) for only 10 minutes and brought him a beer, hello??????????? he shouldn't be drinking that and all I heard about was that friggin beer and then all I heard was how I made the sandwich all wrong, I don't get it!!!!!!
I'm the only one that takes the time to do anything for him and I get to hear him Pi$$ and moan about how I don't know how to make a sandwich........ so frustrated! I'm just so sick of trying to do good for my dad and just being ridiculed and talked down to .
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    YOur dad and mine must be brothers.....same thing I would get, only dad will NOT go to a home. I pray he dies in hospital as I don't know what will happen if he gets that he can't be cared for here at home.

    1895 days ago

    Don't let your father's prickly personality get you down. You really have been doing the right thing. I know all you want is nothing more than to hear a "thank you" from him, but he isn't going to say it. It's just not the way he is. So, don't beat yourself up. You're doing these things for your own well being. And he has shown some affection on occasion to you.

    You've got to develop a thicker skin when it comes to your family. don't make yourself miserable over their poor manners.

    1896 days ago
    I am so sorry. Maybe next time you don't take anything. then he can complain about that. LOL
    1896 days ago
  • WILSON425
    I would have apologized for trying and let him know the next time he can just eat what is on the menu at rehab. I hate getting kicked to the curb for trying to do something nice!
    1896 days ago
    You are not an idiot. You are just being nit picked because your dad don't know what he has for a treasure in you as his daughiter. Just like my aunt's don't know that about me as their neice.
    1897 days ago
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