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Trying to be a better me...needing advice

Saturday, March 16, 2013

So I'm thinking about signing up for the color run in Denver in June. I have all the information and I just need to sign up....the problem, the actual "running" of the color run. I signed up for the couch to 5k program, and it states to walk 5 minutes, run a minute and then walk 1.5 minutes...20 minutes total. But what do I do when I can't run even that much?? I walked 5 minutes today and then jogged a minute...instantly, the outsides of my calves started screaming. So I stopped and stretched really quick, hoping that would help. Walked 2 minutes (just trying to give myself a little more time in between there) and then jogged another minute. Again, the same thing! I ended up waIlking the rest of the 20 minutes, but I couldn't go very fast...I sucked today. emoticon

Now, I realize that I am VERY out of shape at this point in time. Is it maybe, that I'm expecting too much right out of the gate?? Absolutely. Does it make it any easier to not beat myself up over this because I failed? Not a chance. And did it help...at all...that the "perfects" decided to come up and run at full pace on the treadmill right next to me??? FML...no! (but that's a whole other story that I won't go into today)

Granted, I'm not going to just STOP going to the gym and trying. That's not my intention of whining on here today. My intent is to ask for some advice. I WANT to do this run, and I want to do it this year. I'm just not sure exactly HOW to get my butt into shape in 3 months...at least enough that I won't be the last person crossing the finish line.

So what advice, dear reader, can you give me to make this next 3 months a little easier (is that the right word I want...not sure)? Help?
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    Start with walking and walking a little faster intervals. I know for me, walking faster is like running for other people. I have friends that walk faster than I run... but that's ok. That is the difference between where I am and where they are... You are unique, special, awesome, and worth the effort!!! Hang in there and go at your own pace.
    1845 days ago
  • LBART85
    You don't have to run it if you don't want too. My mom will be walking with my daughter as I run ahead. Wait maybe you should run it will be so much fun. We can run together. Can't wait until JUNE 16th. WOOT WOOT emoticon

    I'm the same way with the running issue early in 2012 I finally got up to jogging for 4 minutes but life happened and now I can barely jog for a minute and a half. I have been walking around the lake (so I can take my daughter with me) trying to get myself back to the jogging for 4 minutes. I am hoping to be able to at least run an entire mile by June.

    I was told by my best friend who did a 5k last year with an injury, that the energy that everyone has she couldn't help but run most of it (even though she was supposed to only walk). We still have three months and I know we can do this. Hang in there and don't give up. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    got a little excited with the emoticons.
    1859 days ago

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    Some great advice. Good luck to you. emoticon
    1859 days ago
    Definitely check your shoes...even if they are "new" they could be the wrong fit for you! I had severe shin splints for the longest time, thought it was me being out of shape, turned out to be a bad fitting shoe...it really does make all the difference when it comes to walking/running!

    Also, I thought the Rookie 5K plan that is here on SparkPeople was very good. It outlines every day of each week. The goal is to be able to run the 5K at the end of the 6 week program, but it allows you to adjust the timeline for your own needs.You can repeat the weeks that you need to; like if you're not ready to run full two-minute increments, you can repeat the previous week's schedule.

    I like the idea of starting with a walking plan too. You may find you only need a couple of weeks on a walking plan before you're ready to start the walk/jog increments. Definitely listen to your body and don't force anything that causes you "bad" pain (unlike the "good" pain we feel when we're giving our muscles a good workout).

    Three months is a good timeframe to get ready for a 5K (believe it or not, I was able to go from couch to Olympic distance Triathlon in just 3 months!) If you stick with your plan and pace your progress, you can do anything!

    1859 days ago
    how old are your shoes? Were they fitted at a running store? Trainers typically last about 400 miles, and when they are worn out, they can cause pain.
    1860 days ago
  • FITAT50
    Michelle, definitely start with the walking program. I walked/ran my first 5k when I was 53 and had never run in my life. You can ABSOLUTELY do this. From what I hear about the color runs they are so crowded it's hard to run anyhow, so walk it, who cares. It's all in fun and I guarantee you'll have a blast!
    1860 days ago
    Just Do It! You don't have to run the entire 5K... walk some, too! Just do what you can manage. Each 5K, your time will get better and better - just compete against yourself. The main thing is to just start!

    Make sure you stretch - a gentle warm up - rotate those ankles - push against a wall to warm up those hamstrings....and do a more intense stretch when you're finished.
    Sometimes, I stop and stretch during my run.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1860 days ago

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    I agree with ALL-IS-AMAZING. Start slow and build up!

    Don't feel pressured to do more than what's right for you!
    1860 days ago
    I have an awesome podcast that progresses and it starts with running 60 seconds, followed by 1.5 min recovery (sounds like yours) after a 5 minute warm up walk. (and cool down.) (He is really really good about telling you to slow down and keep pace, and not to push too hard, etc) But I agree with ALL-IS-AMAZING. Start with walking 5k first and slowly work up to interval work. And besides that, you can always walk/run the 5k. I walk/ran my 5k today (which admittedly I did better than I expected since I planned to just walk it) but I walk/ran faster than my actual run that I did when I ran my entire 5k. Also, if you can take your running to a track or outdoors (I dont know if that is do-able for you) I strongly suggest that. There is something liberating about training outdoors.

    Also, it is better to be the last one crossing that finish ling (which I PROMISE you won't be) than to not be crossing it at all. The sense of accomplishment is worth it, and you won't care where you place, just that you finished once you are there. I had an 86 year old man FLY by me, BOTH of my 5ks. And yup, I'm gonna keep going back!

    I'm so so proud of you. Please be kind to yourself. If you are interested in my C25k podcasts, let me know!
    1860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2013 11:03:52 PM
    Michelle ti start with ah great minds think a like emoticon I'm preparing for my 1st 5k which will be either April or May depends if I get the day off now that out of the way I agree 3 months is a long time to prepare and think a speed walk in lew of the jog would work. On the pain in calves how old are your running shoes ? I was have serve pain in ball of foot ankle and calves what fixed the pain on me was new running shoes. Just a suggestion on the shoes

    Either we can work on preparing for our first 5K together emoticon emoticon
    1860 days ago
    I think All_IS_AMAZING is a smart lady. Try the speed walking first until you get comfy, then try jogging. Speed walking is almost as fast. Stick with your plan and let us know how it's going.
    emoticon emoticon
    1861 days ago
    3 months is a looong time and when you set your mind on it you will find the way and how to make it happen without injuries.
    1861 days ago
  • LUCYLU22
    emoticon It is SO easy to expect too much right out of the gate! I do that to myself much of the time, sometimes even after a peptalk to myself.

    I did send you an e-mail with some of my thoughts and questions.

    I agree, you want to be very careful not to injure yourself by going way above and beyond your abilities. It is important to push yourself a little, but NOT to the point of injury.
    1861 days ago

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  • MRSP90X
    I am the same way, expecting too much out of the gate! But, it is not worth maybe injuring yourself and then to have to take time off. I reverse engineer my ultimate goal. I start with my ultimate goal and then plan backwards how I am going to get there based on my abilities and progressing in each workout towards my goal. I sit down with monthly calandars to plan it out time wise and workout time wise in incrments. Perhaps that may help you plan your progression. Hope it all works out for you!! But don't push yourself to the point of injury! emoticon
    1861 days ago
    I would start with a 5k walking program first and then move to the walk/run 5k program. Or do the couch to 5k but instead of the jogging do a speed walk instead. It is better to start slow and build up or you may end up injuring yourself. Right now I am doing a 6-week walking program that starts really slow and builds up by using speed walking intervals. If you would like more info on that you can spark mail me emoticon
    1861 days ago
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