Towards maintenance

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The journey continues

At the moment I am using my blog to plan the best approach and gradually increase my calorie intake without (too much ) weight gain.
I quite like the way I look right now.
I have moments, when I deliberately stare at myself in the mirror.
Scanning my body head to toe. Why?
Because it is time to accept it, love it and be proud of how far I've come.
Loosing 27 kg was not a quick miracle.


After reading around and asking for advice this is what I have come to conclude for the next phase.

On work out days , Now: I am only eating around 980 cals at best. NOT VERY PROUD OF THIS

Week 1: I will increase to 1080 cals at least.
Check weight if up: keep it at 1080 cals to let my body adjust

Week 2 :1180 cals and I am almost there
Week 3 : 1280 cals
Week 4 : 1380 cals

This should be non exercise days really but I will gradually work on it. It is going to take time I believe.


Stop fearing weight gain
Expect fluctuation but it is not the end of the world
Food is to nourish my body
I want to be healthy - the reason why I started this in the first place So I need to stop underfeeding my body

There is my next step

Has anyone done this before. Increasing calories post-weightloss?
I am sure you have, I would love to read from you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know that you're already a member of the At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance team, so please feel free to start up a discussion thread there if you need extra help transitioning. There are lots of people there who are very happy to help out their fellow maintainers, so please don't be shy if you're struggling!

    980 calories a day is very low for a healthy, active person and I think you're right to work on slowly increasing your levels. I personally also followed a gradual approach to increasing calories until my weight leveled off. Not only did this make the transition easier, but it also helped psychologically because I feared regain (which was not entirely irrational as I had lost and regained several times before).

    Please don't be afraid of maintenance--there's so much joy to be found in staying the same and that's something to be celebrated. It does take some trial and error and developing patience with your body's natural fluctuations, but successful maintenance is both manageable and achievable.

    1865 days ago
    You are on your way! Great plan.
    1865 days ago
    GREAT everyone, I am already learning a lot from the blog links and your pages.
    Best information so far from real people with real experiences.

    1865 days ago
    Start adding 200 calories every couple of days. This will bring you along slowly and help both physically and mentally. You can also monitor yourself easier.

    It's sometimes is hard to remind ourselves that food is used to nourish our bodies. Basically no more and no less. My oldest is in recovery and has been told that she will gain some weight since she was eating so few calories. She has accepted this and now is gaining muscle and toning up. She looks and feels so much better.

    So don't fret about gaining some. It seems that if you can concentrate on strength and seeing muscle definition that it does help mentally. I've noticed that the tape measures usually stays the same or gets smaller even if the scale says a little more.

    Hang in there emoticon You are worth a healthy body!!!
    1866 days ago
    emoticon What wonderful news that you are having to consider going on maintenance. emoticon
    1867 days ago
    I know that sparkmember KANOE10 has been writing about maintenance in her blog entries. You might find them inspiring.
    Here is her page:
    1867 days ago
    I am not at goal yet, but just wanted to say emoticon
    1867 days ago
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