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Saturday, March 16, 2013

So I'm battling Plantar Fasciitis again. I've had it from time to time since my first episode back in 2010, but I've always managed to get rid of it fairly easy and run through it. This time I'm feeling like it's more annoyed, so I'm going back to doing everything I did the first time around in hopes that it'll clear up in about a week. I ran last weekend my 10 mile LR in shoes that should be reserved only for short runs or retired altogether. I felt the mistake toward the end when I started feeling heel pain.

Since I have a heel spur, if the PF gets aggravated at all, it really gets inflamed and painful at the heel. So anyway - I have a 10K race next weekend and a half marathon 4/13. Since I'm very confident finishing both of those races, I'm going to try to be zen about my running.

Another thing I'm going to do is to make sure I continue getting a good calorie burn and exercising. I have a gym membership, I have some working out at home tools (soon to have more, more on that later), and I bought Level 2 of The 30 Day Shred from Amazon Instant Video so I have a good workout video to do as well. If I can only run short runs for a while with frequent rest days, I'm going to supplement so I keep my exercising mojo.

I've been diligently tracking my food since Monday. Yesterday I planned to run, but opted out due to my PF so that I could run today - as a result, I ate more before I decided not to run than I should have (was planning to run in the afternoon) and I ended up with 100cal left for dinner - whoops.

I decided to cautiously go over. I think this was a good decision - I still ate dinner (veggies and noodle soup, and one square dark chocolate) so that I wouldn't be starving myself and going bonkers, but I also avoided the whole "I screwed up so who cares" crazy overage crap. I ended up over by 210, and I'm ok with that.

I ordered this great daily deal from Amazon yesterday:


Right now it's $57.99, but yesterday it was $24.99 - you get:

Iron Gym Bar (doorway pullup bar), complete with hanging ab straps
Rotating Push Up Grips (a-la perfect pushup)
Electronic Ropeless Jump Rope (great for tall awkward people like myself )

The good thing, too, is that I can hang my suspension training straps from that bar - I've tried it before with someone elses.


Other cool thing - my husband is joining me again. :) The last time he let me track his food for him, he lost 50lbs. We were also going to the gym together, which he isn't doing this time around - but one step at a time.

Because he's on board, it will help me out a LOT. I can tell already so far this week that it will be a great advantage.

So today I ran 2.5 miles with Roscoe the wonder dog. He is good up to about 4 miles, but usually we run 1.34 (puppy loop!) or sometimes up to 3. I was going for 3 today but he wasn't having it. At about 1.25 he refused forward motion. As soon as we turned back he took off, so he wasn't tired, he was just ready to go home. HAHA. :D Silly puppy. But it's good - that is good for me for today. It's not getting me ready for a half marathon really, but it was a good workout in for today and calories burned, and Roscoe got his, too.

We had a couple of pee breaks on the way back and still that mile was 12:02, compared to the first mile at an average 15:21 pace (lots of starts and stops and sniffing and whatnot). On the way home there is always less of that and it's mostly straight running with a couple short pee stops. :D hehe.

This isn't from today, but us out together in winter running gear - he was wearing that today, I was in different gear. :) Isn't he so cute?

I also got to do my first day as a COACH this week. There is a program by RunVermont called "Ready, Set, Run!" - it is after school for elementary kids to run, move, and learn about nutrition and citizenship. It was ... COLD. I started with the kindergarten group, and at first we made it a bunch of times up and down the hill (I was manning the hill repeats station) but then a couple of the girls started just staying at the top of the hill and shivering and crying, and then some other kids started crying and they were like - can we run inside??? :'(

I felt like such a jerk! It was getting colder and colder out, and it started at about a feels like 15... so... yeah. We went inside. Later, the other groups joined us. Some of those kids had frozen solid shoelaces. The leader of the group has Raynaud's and she was shaking like a leaf! But the kids were great, once they warmed up they were all like - are we going to get to run again??? :) I'm hoping for much better weather next week....


Game plan:

1) run short runs, every other day. Run by feel, pay attention to heel.
2) Do all my stretches as prescribed by my PT back in the day
3) Naproxen Sodium morning and night w/ food
4) Roll foot on frozen water bottle and on little nubz ball.
5) Roll/stick out calves, it's all related.
6) wear my crocs around the house so I'm not runnin around barefoot.

Hopefully this all combined knocks it out fast like it did last time it was at this stage.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm sorry to hear that you are injured! But it sounds like you are not unnfamiliar wwith this injury and you know what it will take to recover! Go get it, Girl!!!

    PS... I was sad for those poor kiddos too... running alone is hard, running in the cold... Brrrrr!!! Soon they will understand that the more they run, the warmer they stay :)
    2457 days ago
    Man, pain sucks! I've had tendinitis in my foot- thankfully not bad, but you are right, you got to manage it when it is in that manageable stage. I have tendinitis issues in general- my inner thigh/groin area has a tendon issue that sometimes gets aggravated and I had ankle tendinitis which put me out of commission a few years back. I remember you were the one that found that awesome water running training plan, which kicked my butt! ( well, I didn't do the full version, just my own version of it, but still, I have great respect for that program!)
    Anyways, get that night sock out, do your stretches and cure that heel, so you can rock those runs!!!!

    I would think in Vermont, kids are used to 15 degree weather- they grow up with it, right? Well, at least you are toughening them up!

    Good to hear from you Dana :-) I love your attitude- I think that's key to recovery, along with all those proactive things you are doing!
    2458 days ago
    Sorry to hear you are injured, too. I highly recommend Graston! :D I bet it will clear that PF up right away.

    Too funny about the kids being so cold! It'll make them stronger!

    So happy to hear your hubby is on board - it does make it easier. Larry is on a mission as well, which is why I got the green light to buy all the fitness equipment :D. Speaking of which, enjoy yours!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    2459 days ago
    I have bursitis in my hip right now and in the middle of training for a half marathon! So I feel your pain
    2459 days ago
    I hope that the PF gets back under control and allows you to do your long runs as a you plan. The dog boots- kudos on those... protecting your dogs feet!
    I like your game plan and also the adjusting your nutritional values when you aren't doing your normal routine... you have a great handle of what is happening with you.
    Good Luck and Gods' speed in healing.
    2459 days ago
    Thanks! Great blog....
    2459 days ago
    Cute Dog Photos.

    2459 days ago
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