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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I have a high tolerance for pain or discomfort so I usually pay no attention to whats going on and suck it up. But this year, after being sick for 3 weeks, I just haven't felt 100% and I've been having a lot of acid reflux, coughing, headache and sore throat so I went to the ENT doctor. He ordered a cat scan and the results came in. I have a sinus infection, a deviated septum and large tubes in my nose. On my right side I have a headache over my right eye, pressure on my right ear and nose. I also saw the gastroenterologist nurse and they have me scheduled for an EGD, rotorooter down the throat to the stomach to look around. She mentioned possible H-Pylori which is a stomach bacteria that remains undetected unless biopsied.
So there you have it. Now, I can allow myself to feel bad. The doc put me on an antibiotic regimen for the sinus infection and suggested I have surgery for the deviated septum.
How, at 65 on Tuesday, have I gone all these years with a deviated septum? I know that my right nose always feels more stuffy than the other side and I snort and cough a lot, especially lately. Hubby has been complaining about the coughing for years but I just ignored it and him. It became such a normal thing that I didn't know what to complain to the doctor about. When we went to Disney in January, my son mentioned that I coughed the whole time I was there but I didn't pay any attention to it. It was such a normal thing for me.

It has also been suggested that I lose weight to help with the acid refulx and I agree. But this year, I have so much acid churning in my stomach, it makes me feel like I am hungry so I eat to quell it. Please Lord I hope they don't put me on Prednisone. I know I was old when I registered at the surgery center and was asked for my medication list. I couldn't even remember them all. I've been carting my MIL's med list around with me for years but now I get to have one too.

So there you have it. I am signing up for that deviated septum surgery when I get better.
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    As my hubby says, getting old is the pits. He carries his med list too. Praying they can do something without prednisone. ((HUGS))
    1918 days ago
  • TERRIH8118
    emoticon It's always nice to know what's wrong so you can finally take steps. I'm sure after the surgery you'll feel so much better.
    1918 days ago
    Glad you are getting some answers!
    1919 days ago
    This is great news. You won't know yourself when you get that septum sorted out, you'll have a new lease of lfe.
    And so will DH who has been putting up with your symptoms all these years.
    1919 days ago
    Well, I am glad you have a diagnosis. Now, you can concentrate on treating it and getting better. Hugs.
    1919 days ago
    Himself had H. pylori - what a strange experience! If he allowed himself to get the least bit hungry - i.e., if his stomach was empty - then he would get a gnawing, burning pain that mimicked a duodenal ulcer, as much as anything. As long as he ate right away, the pain stopped. Not very conducive to those of us trying to lose weight (not that he needs to worry - he's thin and has a high metabolism). And while he normally never has heartburn, boy, he was practically living on antacid tablets, and even they weren't helping.

    Not until they ran tests did they find the H.p. I bet it wasn't a week on the antibiotics (fairly simple cure, actually) and he was fit as a fiddle.

    As for the deviated septum, sinus problems, etc: I hear you. In my case, a wisdom tooth that never grew down into my upper jaw has its roots firmly pushing into my left sinus cavity. Unless they go in, dig around, and somehow manage to extract that tooth, the problems will continue and will bear watching, especially since I have dust / pollen allergies that set it all off. Last time I was at the dentist, he again mentioned the tooth and asked about my sinus condition and so on. I said "Yes, still a nuisance, but I'll be darned if I'm having any wisdom teeth out at this age--!"
    1919 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/16/2013 11:12:23 AM
    hang in there! emoticon
    1920 days ago
  • SFREY217
    Wow you do have a lot going on. Just breath and take it all one step at a time and don't let it overwhelm you. Loosing weight did get rid of my reflux. I was taking everything in the book to control my GERD and nothin really helped till I lost the weight. I am now off all the GERD meds and feeling human again. You can do this !! Good luck o. Your journey !!
    1920 days ago
  • CYND59
    WOW, you have a lot going on. My hubby and myself have both had the surgery for deviated septum and it really helps. I pray that you feel better real soon.
    1920 days ago
    Boy, that's a lot to stomach (ha, ha - bad pun)! I have reflux due to a hiatal hernia but have had great success this year taking a daily dose of Prilosec. It healed the erosions and allows me to be pain-free. I also raise the head of my bed about 5 inches because lying flat at night is the worst for reflux. I'm not so educated on deviated septums, although my son had surgery for his when he was a teenager - he couldn't hardly breath through his nose, it was so bad. But if you have any questions about reflux, I think I'm the Reflux Queen, so ask away. emoticon
    1920 days ago
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