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How to Stop Evening Eating by FAVALL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Blog by FAVALL Friday, March 15, 2013

I have 2 items for you to consider that really helped me get past evening binge eating.

After dinner, I used to sit watching TV, with all of the food commercials. The result was a pattern of visual and emotional triggers, bad choices, guilt and shame. The self-talk raged with emotions while reviewing the events and disappointments of the day. I was especially affected, if I was lonely, bored, stressed, or tired. It built all evening long until I ate something. It didn't seem to matter if I had extra calories for the day, a planned SP snack meal, or not. Whatever I ate after dinner would not satisfy the unrest feelings and cravings. I've struggled with this hurtful pattern for over 30 years.

Now, I have a rule and an action plan that has crushed that old pattern!

Why a rule?
Someone explained that we need to learn self-discipline and practice setting reasonable boundaries. Too often people who are overweight have a pattern were we allowed ourselves, given ourselves permission, to ignore our self defined guidelines and commitments. We say things like "just this once I'll ignore..." or "I don't feel like....", "I'm too tired!", "I don't want to follow through on what I said I wanted". We built a pattern were our commitment to ourselves has not value. We don't trust ourselves that what we say we will do will really happen. Those "give ins" lead us into our current overweight condition. We don't break promises to others but we have broken promises to ourselves over and over again. That pattern has lead to us not having any confidence that we can achieve anything we've set as a goal for ourselves. We can't count on us to be there for us!

We need to build a new pattern of things that aren't broken. Commitments of truth to ourselves that we've consistently meet and don't disappoint ourselves anymore.

It was proposed that I set a rule as a boundary, that I knew I could keep, and then stick to it. This principle applies and already works in other areas of our lives. We need to do the same for our health rules. We would never consider breaking the rules for not stealing, lying, or breaking the law. Those rules make sense, we understand the personal benefit, we understand the risk of breaking the rule, so we don't break the rules. We need to apply the same non-breakable type rules to our health.

Here is the rule I've been using for about 1 year and it REALLY works!

I don't eat after dinner.

PERIOD - not even at special occasions, or traveling, while on vacation, or anything. If I'm having a desert, its part of the dinner meal calorie range and then I am DONE.

This rule makes sense, brings a positive benefit, is reasonable, I understand the risk if I break the rule even once, and that it WILL improve my health so..... I have not broken it.

To help me keep the rule, I've schedule a set of activities that occupy my mind and body in the evening. I built a pattern that brings familiarity and comfort to the frenzy and anxiety of my life. Its a routine in my life that has really helped to break the after dinner eating binges.

Remind myself of the rule: I don't eat after dinner
1) do dishes and clean kitchen (once clean, no more messes),
2) 30 minutes light exercise (brings down the blood sugar),
3) pick up home (clutter down = calmness),
4) prepare lunch (less hectic in the morning and uses SP meal plans),
5) pack gym bag for the next day (planning for future exercise keeps my mind on the long term goals)
7) Me time - take a warm bath with epsom salts and lavender oil, write my gratitude list, pray, and then read until sleepy.

The practice of applying this rule and the aciton list to my evening routine has brought such freedom and peace into an area of my life that I never thought I'd get control over. It has also helped me to build confidence in myself that I will follow through on other commitments to my health. I am hoping that sharing this information will bring the same amazing results to others.
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