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Words of Encouragement..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Words of Encouragement..

As I wonder from Spark page to Spark page and give Encouragement.. I start to realize that I need to really listen to my words and tell myself the same thing as I tell others. How they are worth it .. How they can do it... How you only fail if you quit.. How it is tough, but worth it.. One set back , don't let it turn into more track it and move on..

We all need to listen , really listen to our own words of encouragement. No matter if they are in the forms of funny pictures, Great inspirational sayings, Emoticons, Blogs, Spark Goodies ..ECT

How many times do we give out the love , but fail to give our self the same love back. I sure can tell someone else to forgive them self and move on.. But boy is hard to live it. I Think that is another part of this journey, the practice of telling yourself your worth it and believing it. Telling yourself it's not the end of the world and believing it. Telling yourself YOU CAN DO IT.. and BELIEVING IT.

A funny thought just came to me.. AT christmas we told our children as they got older, You have to believe to receive..(from Santa)

Well guess what YOU DO HAVE TO BELIEVE TO RECEIVE .. to really receive your own encouragement .. you have to BELIEVE you are worthy of it.. WE all are worthy , we just have to Believe we are. emoticon

Have a Wonderful Weekend ..
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