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Friday, March 15, 2013

Well, my weight is down lower than it has been in a very, very long time. That is a great thing. The bad news is, I have hit a bit of a slump and I need to break through it.

I do pretty well part of the day, but then in the evening I cave in and eat things I shouldn't. I also tell myself I am just too tired to work out and I promise myself that I will do it the next day, which never actually happens.

Now is the time to stop making excuses. This weight is not going to just do me a favor and fall off, I am going to have to work at it. Nothing worth having is ever easy. But I am worth the time and the effort, my health is worth it and my kids are worth it.
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    Take it one step at a time. While watching tv, I like to do some crunches,
    or leg lifts. I try to do little things while I am cleaning house like squats doing dishes. Dance to some music. Or I do wall pushups when I am in the
    shower. I personally don't like to do lunges. I hula hoop sometimes when I
    watch tv also. It also has to do with mindset. You need to think positively.
    It is not easy(I know). I try to read success stories and think that if they can do I can to!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2535 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Came back to cheer you on, you can do it, keep pushing, 1 day and 1 step at a time, remember, baby steps get results, steady as you go... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2535 days ago
    Nothing like the first of the month to set up a Spark plan and/or a streak that you can commit to achieving! emoticon
    2682 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    I am with you and will cheer you on your journey, one thing I have found that works for me is to start off small, decide on 1 or 2 goals and stick with those before moving on to the next one, for me I decided I would exercise for 5 minutes and track my daily food with adding more veggies and fruits into my menu plan, after about a week or two of success I added something else. I have found that baby steps get results, taking 1 step and 1 day at a time gets results and I can move on to something else. I never add more goals until I accomplish the ones I've started out with. Here's hoping this will help you in establishing some goals that are doable for you. the bottom line is I'm here for you and will stand with you cheering you on to the finish line... emoticon emoticon
    2682 days ago
    Try your best to stay focused! Consistency to do the right thing even when it doesn't feel right or bring quite the result you want, will eventually reward you with the ultimate scale and non-scale victories that will have you happy dancing with many great friends. Sometimes when there's a leveling off, your body would prefer that you implement a little something different to increase your metabolism (as it tends to get a little bored if you do the same-oh same-oh) There are so many factors that lead to negative numbers, yet other great things can be happening internally to bless you far greater than any number on the scale. Have a great week! Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    2686 days ago
    I have 2 items for you to consider that really helped me get past the evening binges.

    I used to sit and watch TV, with all of the food commercials. The result was a pattern of triggers, bad choices, guilt and shame. The self-talk raged with emotions and the disappointments of the day, especially if I was lonely, bored, or tired all evening long building until I ate something. It didn't seem to matter if I had extra calories for the day or not, whatever I ate after dinner didn't satisfy the unrest and cravings.

    Now, I have a rule and an action plan that has crushed that old pattern.

    Someone on SP explained to me that we need to learn self-discipline and practice setting reasonable boundaries. Too often in the past, we've allowed ourselves to ignore our self imposed guidelines by saying "just this once I'll ignore my plan or commitment" or "I don't feel like following through on what I said I wanted". Those "give ins" lead us into our current overweight condition.

    Instead, set yourself a rule as a boundary and then stick to it. This principle applies and works in other areas of our lives and we need to do the same for our health rules. We would never consider breaking the rules for not stealing or not lying or not smoking in bed. They make sense, we understand the personal benefit, so we don't even consider breaking the rules. We need to apply the same non-breakable type rules to our health.

    Here is the one I use: I don't eat after dinner.
    PERIOD - not even at special occasions, or traveling, vacation, or anything.

    This rule makes sense, brings a positive benefit, is reasonable, and will improve my health.

    To help me keep the rule, I've schedule a set of activities that occupy my mind and body in the evening. I built a pattern that brings familiarity and comfort to the frenzy and anxiety of my life. I followed this list of activities consistently for 28 days and built a new habit. Its a routine in my life that has really helped to break the after dinner eating binges.

    1) do dishes and clean kitchen (once clean, no more messes)
    2) 30 minutes light exercise (brings down the blood sugar)
    3) pick up my home (clutter down = peacefulness),
    4) prepare lunch (less hectic in the morning and utilizes my SP planned meals)
    5) pack my gym bag for the next day (planning for future exercise keeps my eye on the long term goal)
    7) Me time - take a hot bath with epsome salts and lavender oil, write my gratitude list, pray, and then read until sleepy.

    Above all, don't give up on yourself and take care of yourself.

    2699 days ago
    emoticon Start out with making yourself exercise for 5 or 10 min. If you aren't feeling it or aren't able to keep on stop but then go again later or the next day. Getting exercise in is a daily struggle for me but the days I make myself do at least 5 minutes I always feel better. emoticon
    2699 days ago
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