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Finding Motivation Beyond the Scale

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding Motivation Beyond the Scale

This was the title of my SP Coach program today.

Chris suggested we make a list of the changes noticed since the beginning of this journey.
Make sure to look for the intangibles.

I enjoy getting on the scale to note my progress . But, I recognize it is only one way to measure my success. I do not let it derail my efforts when it does not go the way I want. Each small step I have made over the last couple years has added up and I always have something to look back at to motivate me to either stay on track or get back into things the swing of things.

So here is a list of my achievements that come to mind this morning, some small, some big:

*No more diet soda – the taste no longer appeals to me at all, and I love water.
*I am stronger. So, so much stronger.
*I can do 3 REAL push ups
*Walking briskly is not a chore
*I look better in my clothes
*Friends and family comment on how much better I am looking
*I look forward to healthy meals and not salt saturated, processed ones.
*Food actually tastes better now. I appreciate what I’m putting in my mouth
*I sleep better
*I no longer snore (so I’m told)
*I can reach down and pick up something I’ve dropped while sitting in an airplane seat, and the fold down tray no longer sits on my belly, LOL.
*l don’t cringe when I sit at the hairdresser and look at my reflection
*Intimacy is more pleasurable.
*I may eat a bit over the calorie limit but I have not binged in quite a while.
*My family is proud of me. WOW, that is definitely a motivator for me.

I still have a ways to go but I don’t plan on slowing down. I also realize that when I reach a point where I am happy with my weight I still have not completely met my goal. At that point comes the job of maintaining , which will be no easy task. I’m in it for the long haul!

Go SP!!

I would love to read about other member's achievements. Inspiration is often there but we sometimes fail to recognize it until someone else points it out.
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