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Day Two of Spark Streak! 97 Days until Summer!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Results of yesterday's trifecta of tracking, water and fitness:

Tracking habit: emoticon

Water habit: emoticon

Fitness habit: emoticon

So, Streaking for Two Days!

I woke up this morning light and energized again. Ready to tackle the day. It is my middle daughter's 15th birthday. But a school day also, so there is work to do before we celebrate.

I woke up hungry, which I like. A glass of water and a cup of coffee quelled that for now. Too early to eat breakfast. I get up at 5am and am not done getting everyone off to school until around 7:30am. I usually eat breakfast then.

STARSUB99 commented on my blog yesterday: "'s time to stop pretending to lose weight and time to just do it..."

I really did laugh out loud. Awesome observation. Could not have said it better myself.

The thing is, I can't guarantee that this streak will result in a weight loss!! And really, it is not the point (although as a disclaimer, I feel that I need to mention to the Universe that I would really, truly NOT object to this HERCULEAN effort on my part resulting in dramatic and permanent weight loss!!!) The point is to create better habits. And as I have reiterated before, if I am doing what I need to do in terms of eating, drinking and fitness, my weight is none of my business.

I think I'm going to make a t-shirt with that on it.

As ANDOVER said: "This isn't a race that we'll win or lose. This is life to live as well as we choose."

I need a t-shirt with that on it too.

OK, so the effort is really NOT so herculean. 1400-1700 calories is really pretty generous in anyone's book. Drinking water and herbal tea 24/7 gives me something else to do between meals and snacks. I have realized that I really do love challenging myself with intense physical exercise. But I need to be sure to make it a priority otherwise it is easy for me to let that slide.

Welcome to Day 3 and 97 Days left until Summer!!

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