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I think I finally have an answer!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

So I've been feeling fairly ick throughout the pregnancy. The morning sickness hasn't gone away, I've been really tired, I've had insomnia, and I've now got the diabetes.

I've also been craving chocolate. Which turned to be the key. I looked up what causes chocolate cravings. And it's a magnesium deficiency that causes all of what I've been feeling including a lack of sensitivity to insulin- which explained the high numbers on the tests!

So the doctors were treating the symptoms, but not the problem. It even explains why baby is big - the lack of sensitivity to insulin does cause the gd, which causes baby to grow bigger than he should.

I checked my magnesium level for the past week against spark - it's been in the 100-150 range, when the reccomended level for a pregnant woman my age is about 350. Well, there ya go!!

And from the looks of it, fixing it is simple - peanut butter, soy. Milk. Yogurt,whole grains ect are high in magnesium. And none of that would hurts or the baby if Im wrong. (This is a huge chunk of why I don't do supplements- I don't know enough about how the body handles them in pill form so I prefer to modify my diet instead).

I'm so happy and so excited! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so ill mention this to the doc when I get there too :) yea!! Here's to me feeling better n to spark for helping me sort this out!!!
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