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Memories of my boy Abe- updated 4/28

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jason told me something that was quite profound to me after this all happened. He said that I taught him how to love our dogs like family. Growing up he did have pets, but that is what they were. When we got married, he realized how much I loved Kenny and eventually Abe with we got him. They became our family more than our pets.

Jason's twin brother posted on Facebook right after Abe passed "Today, my brother is teaching me that family comes in all shapes and sizes. So does love and so does grief. Rest in peace Abernathy."

My mom reminded me of my love for my dogs when my childhood cocker Mindy died while we were out of town. That as a 12 year old, I went out to her grave in our backyard every day for a month and I would talk to her. I remember doing that. I remember being upset when the grass started to grow over her grave because I didn't want to forget about her or where she was buried. When my 2nd childhood dog Bandit had to be put down, I knew I had to be in the room. I was 19 and my sister was 15. We held hands and told him we loved him. My mom and dad couldn't bear to be in the room. That still upsets my mom to this day. She says she remembered thinking how brave I was for being there for Bandit, but still making it to work right after at the local diner. I remember the vet saying that it would be like he was falling asleep. The fact that I wasn't there for Abe when he needed me really hurts me.

Even now, it is still entering my mind that he isn't here and my heart sinks.

Memories of my little boy. I won't forget you.

Stand offish when we first got him. Later became a sweet snuggle buddy. I loved holding him like a baby.

Nervous and shaking. Always like that.

Slept sometimes in odd positions.

Curled into a tight ball when he slept.

Slept at the foot of the bed on my side. Always watching the door.

If Kenny barked for any reason, Abe would bark. Abe didn't know why Kenny was barking, but dog gone it he would bark anyway!!!

Love to sleep in the sun with Kenny.

Slept on the stairway landing.

I would often catch him in the guest bedroom sleeping on the pillow.

Angelic when he slept

I have so many pics of Abe and Kenny laying together.

Love this one of Abe sleeping on my 3 year old nephews little "couch."

We would literally have to chase him out the back door or he wouldn't make it off the porch when he peed. Like front to feet in the grass and back two feet still on the porch. Sometimes he would make it, sometimes he wouldn't. Kenny always makes it off the porch, but I am finding myself wanting to do that to him now.

He had some skin problems when we got him. Fish oil pills helped him immensely. Such soft beautiful fur. Love to rub his soft belly.

Loved to nest in clothes and towels. Especially ones fresh out of the dryer.

Would start to whine and paw at his cage in the morning to wake us up sometimes. Got on my last damn nerve!

Had a facination with our closet. Sometimes I would kind of crawl under the hung up shirts on the bottom row so they could tough them. He also loved to chew on my dirty underwear if they hadn't made it to my hamper yet. Knucklehead. One day he snuck in there as I was getting dressed for work and I slid the door shut. I kept calling him, but I didn't know where he was. I caught him!

Initially was not crate trained. Learned very quickly what "Go to bed" meant.

When he would have potty accidents in the house he would "walk and wee" so there would be little zig zags of urine to clean up. Everytime we were having a showing of the house he would do this. OMG I would be so mad at him because we would work hard to make the house clean and smell nice and then I had to use chemically carpet cleaner to fix the mess.

Was a "Nosy Nelly." If you left ANYTHING edible within reach, he would nose through your bag and grab it. I busted him recently for stealing a Fiber One brownie out of my purse. Silly rabbit! He also figured out that if doors were not closed all the way, he could nose his way through them. Kenny still hasn't figured that one out.

Abe was an expert begger. If you were sitting at a table and eating, he would rest his head on your lap and beg with puppy eyes. In this pic, he was begging for some popcorn from me. How could you not hand over the whole bag?

We had a couch upstairs in our loft area and the back pillows were smooshy. I would often find Abe laying on top of the back pillow. It seems to have a permanant smoosh spot in it now.

The other day, I smelled his riding harness. It still smelled like him. I cried a lot. He did not like wearing it. He would rather come up to the front seat and sit in your lap while driving, but that wasn't going to happen.

Since he was skinny, he could wiggle out of his harness when he had been shaved down. Drove me nuts because he would try to climb up in the front seat with us.

He rarely rested on car trips. Kenny always sleeps and Abe sat up shaking the whole time. One time I caught him sleeping on a car trip to Fort Worth to see my parents. We were shocked!

Had wonderful playful moments. Before his cataracts worsened, he could catch a tennis ball in the air or with one bounce at close range.

He LOVED to play pitter patter feet in the morning. Jason and I would sit on the floor 10 feet away from each other in the morning while he would run back and forth and do his little pitter patter pounces. He was so happy in the mornings when we let him out of crate. Way more cheerful than myself.

It was funny feeding him. I would make both dogs speak before I put their food in front of them. As Kenny was mustering a nice loud bark, Abe would boldly bark loudly though it was Kenny's food. When I would put Abe's food in front in him, he would quietly woof. I always thought that was funny.

Abe ate soooo slowly while Kenny inhales. Kenny is currently being fed on a cookie sheet to slow him down.

Abe wasn't always so good at taking a treat nicely from your hand like Kenny can.

Abe was found as a stray at the DFW Cocker Rescue and he did not know his name until we taught him.

He had seperation anxiety. Everytime we left the house, he would bark for a while and eventually calm down. I always wondered if Kenny ever wanted to reach through his crate and punch Abe and tell him to shut the hell up and stop barking because we would always come back.

Abe had an expressive face. He sometimes looked like a pup and sometimes he looked like a grumpy old man.

We do not feel like Abe was all the way "there" in the head. He was a stray so who knows where he came from. His quirky personality made him incredibly loveable.

He walked very nicely on a leash in comparison to Kenny. Kenny is a more dominant dog and he will drag you the whole way unless you have a pinch collar on him. Abe was pretty good and would correct himself if you let him know he was pulling too much.

He had some OCD tendencies. He loved the bedskirt to touch him or he would sit under my towel rack so my robe would touch him. Never quite figured that one out :o)

Rub da belly!

This is the picture Jason took when he took Abe to the vet last week when he wasn't doing so good. I love you my lil pup.

Yesterday and today, my crying has lessened some. But everytime I wake up, it immediately pops in my head that he isn't here anymore. At times I feel really bad because I love Kenny so much. He is a pretty good boy despite the fact that he doesn't like kids and is protective of me and my mother in law. But everytime I look at him, I just want Abe. I don't know if it's just because I can't have Abe or what. I don't know if Kenny really knows what is going on. I think he might notice when we go back to our house this weekend that Abe isn't here.

I told Jason to read through this later so I could add more memories of him. This isn't a blog really for you guys as it is for me. I don't want to forget my baby boy. I don't want to forget how soft his fur was and his puppy kisses.

This is how I know my sweet boy is in heaven and will be waiting for me ever so patiently. I will joyfully hug and kiss him on that wonderful day we are reunited.
Revelations 5:13: Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!"

Edit 3/15/13
Tonight I was reminded about a special song with Abe and I at my friends weddin tonight. "Why Don't We Just Dance" is a song by Josh Turner. Whenever it would come on the radio, I would scoop Abe up and we would dance around. I would sing "Abe-ey Why Don't We Just Dance." He was a small booger bear so he was easy to scoop up and snuggle with. Thank you for being my dog Abernathy.

Edit 3/23/13
As we prepare to move out of our house, I remember Abe and our stairs. Most of the time he kind of sulked up there. If Kenny was running up the stairs, Abe would move up them pretty quick. If not, I would literally tap on his rear end saying "I'm gon getchoo!!!"

Abe was a puppy kisser! If your face got within any proximity to his face, you would get kisses. He would slowly start to move towards your face and then BAM, puppy kiss on your nose. Loved that about him. He was just a sweetie pie!!

He loved our garage for some reason. I don't know if the smells interested him or what. But you could bet if I was going to get something, that Abe was following me out there. Left him in there once o twice when he would sneak out there.

We would also allow him to walk into the alley unleashed when we took out the trash. He wouldn't run away. Although one time he wondered into a sticker patch and I had to lay him on his back with tweezers pulling the burrs out from his paws. Painful for us both!


I found a few more pictures on my picture storage account online. How I miss Abe. It's been almost 2 months and my heart still hurts so badly. I feel so empty. I really feel like it's time to get another dog. I remember when my parents dog died several years ago and dad said to wait a little while. Two months later they got Missy Moo!

Abe loved to mess with my lip balms.

This little couch we had upstairs always had a permanent smoosh.

The always layed together.


Loved his tennis balls.

Wearing daddy's glasses!

One time I spilled tomato soup......

Fav pic of my boys.

This was about a month after we got him.

This is when we first got Abe down in Fort Worth. Pic with my dad, Kenny, Jason, my parents dog Missy, and of course Abernathy.

RIght when we first got him.

He definitely loved his tennis ball. I remember he would sit at the end of a chair with a tennis ball and nose it til it was going to fall off and then he would catch in it his mouth

I remember when we would rub him down he would sit there and whine and whine. It feels like it's been so long since I have held him and loved on him. It makes me sadder to think that it might be much longer until we are reunited. But I can look at his pictures and smile... And sometimes cry.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It looks like you were blessings to each other! I know you will continue to cherish the memories.
    1880 days ago
    A very beautiful tribute.

    1889 days ago
    Aims, he was such a cutie pie! And what a lucky dog to be adopted by 2 people who loved him so much. It seems from the photos that he loved you and his life with you very much too. I am so sad for you - my cats are about to turn 6 and I am dreading the inevitable day when they go to the rainbow bridge (hopefully not for a LONG LONG time!). Pets are our children and definitely an important part of our families.

    Thinking of you, Jason and Kenny and sending all the best thoughts your way
    1892 days ago
    I lost my doggy soul mate a year ago in January. emoticon She went to work with me for almost 12 years and started when she was only 8 weeks old. My entire school loved her and even raised enough money to pay her vet bill when she had to have her spleen removed when she was 9 years old. She lived another 2 1/2 years, the average is 6 months, so I know I was blessed.

    However, like you, I miss her terribly. emoticon We have other dogs, but she was special. I swear she could read my mind! She knew when people "needed her" and always went to them. She was not only a great dog, but an awesome therapy dog that touched so many lives.

    Hang in there. It's not easy and I still cry thinking of her not being with me, but I do know she is waiting patiently for me so we can cross the bridge together. I wish I could reach through and give you HUGE emoticon ! Those heart dogs never leave us.
    1893 days ago
    What a sweet tribute to your little guy! I have a copy of "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant. I loan it to my students when they lose a furry family friend. I also reread it when I think of my two dogs that I believe are in a better place. Thanks for sharing. emoticon
    1893 days ago
    You have made me cry. He had such a sweet, sweet face. As the mommy of several dogs, I can relate.I am sure he knew how loved he was. You will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

    1893 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    nice pictures of the dogs
    1893 days ago
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