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Could things get worse? Why, yes!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am still shaking my head in disbelief that things could get worse than they were yesterday. Not everything, but one spectacular disaster certainly capped a week that still isn't over yet. (Could Spring Break end, please?)

So, today I got up early and took my car on its doughnut spare to Discount Tire first thing. Sure enough, I had driven too long on the flat tire, and it couldn't be repaired. (Cha-ching, cha-ching!)

Next was my older son's appointment at the clinic to get his dressing changed. The doctor took out the drain, but the wound wasn't as clean as he wanted, so we have to return again tomorrow for what hopefully will be the last dressing change. (Sigh)

We returned home and I had a blessed oasis of wonderfulness amid the chaos and went out to lunch with a good friend. It was so much fun, and such a blessing to have a respite. I had a salad, too, so I was very good!

Back home and headed out again to take Danny back to the pediatrician. He has ordered a bunch of tests, which I hope can get done tomorrow, but, honestly, given all the other stuff we have to do tomorrow, I am not too optimistic, Meanwhile, for Danny it was a good day. He only threw up once, and he was actually able to eat something substantial. However, the doctor says he is dehydrated, so I have to push fluids a lot more.

Back home to finally, at long last (this was something we were supposed to have gotten done Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...) jump start Henry's (mine really, of course) 1994 Nissan Sentra so he could drive it to the parts store and get a replacement battery.

Both Henry and I have jump started cars before, and we do know how to do it. I state this from the beginning. The story I will tell is true, and we are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. So he pulls out the jumper cables and complains he can't find the 'good' ones. However, he has used these before, and we have no reason to believe that they are defective.

Connect up the cables, and see a rather worrisome-looking spark...but figure nah, it's nothing. I start up my car, and he tries to start his. The first try he almost got there, but each successive try seemed to produce less power. Then we noticed smoke rising from his engine. Then we noticed the same smoke rising from MY engine - and my car is almost new (2012). Turn off engines, jump out of cars...and it gets worse and worse. The rubber is melting right off the jumper cables - foul black smoke and obviously way too much heat for us to touch anything.

Henry ran inside to find the silicon oven mitts (which of course weren't where they are supposed to be kept). I just stared as not only the rubber melted, but also, eventually, the wires themselves. I can't imagine how hot it must have been! I was pretty scared.

Finally I had to go in and find the oven mitt because Henry couldn't, but, once the wire had melted, the connection was broken, and things had started to get better. I carefully, using the mitt, removed the cables from the cars. We were left with one totally, totally, destroyed set of jumper cables. Very scary. I would post a picture, but I didn't get one yet. I'll put one up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I was surprised and relieved that my car started right up. Then Henry managed to find the 'good' jumper cables. We connected them up just as we had the first set (though in fear and trepidation, I must add), and lo and behold, the car finally also started up. So it appears that the only thing damaged was the cables themselves. That was a blessing.

He got the new battery. Yeah! Then I discovered that I had managed to leave my distance glasses at the pediatrician's office. I thought about yelling to the skies, "What ELSE can go wrong?" but decided it would be tempting fate.

Only one more day left of this very memorable week. Oh, yes, I should mention that I haven't managed to cook one thing all week. I have been lucky to be home for more than one hour at a time before having to go out. Food quality is tanking. Hurry up and end, week, please!
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