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Exhausted.. Need water? Relaxation?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here's my Facebook post earlier this week:
Tuesday near Escondido via mobile
No water working at my house? No problem. I'll get up early and exercise then shower at the gym! :::SOLUTION!!:::
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------------[WolfKitty] Blgrrgalllggg..trying..to..mov
e..zzzzz. Getting up early, but later than I wanted.. Who's dumb idea was this?!?!?
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------------[WolfKitty] (This is exactly how it goes.)
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So I'm not working 68 hours this week like last week, and yet I almost feel like I'm MORE tired. Yes, the stress of having new co-workers is something; but is slowly improving.

It's easier for me to power up a hill than take it slowly. I can run pretty fast for a sprint, faster than expected... or I can run for a long long time at a steady pace... I can do these things partially because it doesn't catch up with me until I slow down or stop.

I used to notice it on the elliptical in the gym. My heart rate would miraculously not even rise that much when I hit the peak of my interval training - it wasn't until the intensity started coming back down that my BMP would sky-rocket.

And it feels like that is what happens to me in other ways, other challenges, other stresses, too. I'm more tired than when it was at its worst. I'm less happy, and everything feels like it takes more effort. I need a long recovery.

But at the same time, my sleep has been interrupted or not strong, and my hydration has been questionable. I can't blame everything on my environment because I need to be taking care of me.

I don't expect to do it all- who am I kidding? Yes, I do! I certainly do expect a lot from myself. Not because I think I'm perfect, but because I believe that I have to perform well. But maybe I just need to think it all out through my fingertips by typing this, because what I need most is to take care of myself if I really want to perform at a high level. If I can't accept less in my results, then I shouldn't accept any less in my habits.

Step 1 is hydration.
Step 2 is movement.
Step 3 is smaller, more frequent meals; and no more long stretches without. "Fasting" of any kind really doesn't benefit me in the long run.

I'm in it for the long run, not the burn-out.
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