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Bang, Crash, Clatter & My Drunken Puppy

Thursday, March 14, 2013

OK, have you ever had a MRI? They put head phones on you and ask what kind of music you want to listen to. They turn on the music (no 80s pop BTW) and then turn on the machine. The machine makes so much noise and clatter that you can't even hear the music, so why ask? I thought about other stuff while I laid there unmoving and listening to the terrific noise! I did cough one time and mess up my lovely indoor photos of my shoulder region! Anyhow, that is done and I'll get my results next week. I really had forgotten how noisy those things are! Wow.

On the way to the imaging center I had a very clear and very real flashback of the day my mom died. I figured it out later. When we were rushing up to the ER for my mom my hair was wet and it was cold out. Today was the same. I didn't bother drying or styling my hair and we were headed down the same road and the flashback hit so vividly. I had a hard time stopping crying.

Then, while awaiting to be called back we heard our ship was stranded in the Virgin Islands! That was the ship we were just on a week ago! We had all joked about being able to take the 2nd tour on the same ship, but glad we couldn't now! They had to fly passengers out of St. Martin only 10 at a time to Puerto Rico and then onto Florida! Carnival better do some investigating. They are really going to lose customers with more of this kind of stuff!

My shoulder really hurt after the MRI. I planned to go to curves anyhow, but Hubby had to get to work and I needed a new insulin pump, so couldn't call someone else to pick me up from Curves, so I skipped. As it turns out I skipped exercise altogether today. The flashbacks had me crying on and off all day, my shoulder hurt, my dog was crashing into things and falling over like he was drunk and it was all I could do just to stay awake and deal.

My poor Jack is not a puppy, but like anyone's child he will always be a baby to me. This Vestibular Disorder has him sort of falling around and leaning on me. I can't imagine how confused he is. We ended up taking a very nice snuggle nap today and I escaped my sadness in sleep and hopefully he escaped his dizziness. I sure hope the bed doesn't spin for him. My heart breaks for him. Every time he stumbles I pet him and tell him I love him. Funny thing with dogs though.... They don't need to be told you love them.

So, aside from pain and noise and drunken puppies, Jack & I are blessed:
*We have Hubby/Daddy who takes care of us both! He puts Jack's ear drops in even if Jack tries to run and hide which is hard while stumbling. He holds me and lets me know I'm not alone.
*A day off of exercise might be just what I needed. I'll be back earning air miles and points for my teams tomorrow! I needed some down time, some sad time, some grieving time.
*I have a warm house when it is cold, a cool house when it is warm, a comfy bed where Jack & I can escape!
*I have too much food and need to remember that when I feel gluttoness (gluttonous?) like today. Others are not as fortunate and I should curb my eating and learn moderation.
*Even though I feel so apart from God, there is a piece that knows that he is still in charge. Worry is a waste of my time. Life is not a place to show your pigs and cows.... In other words life is not fair. That is that and I needn't dwell on what I don't have and dwell on what I do have! But, I tell ya, it gets hard!
*I have my Spark Friends who keep me going day after day; loss after loss; triump after triumph; struggle after struggle! Aren't we the lucky ones?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are right, we are all blessed! I'm glad that you had quality time with Jack today.

    Your Twin
    1892 days ago
    I'm praying for both of you, Melissa. So sorry you're going through this. God has not forgotten you, honey and He is not far. Just hang in there. God is faithful. Hugs, Karen
    1892 days ago
  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    I'm sorry you had such a sad day. It's funny what triggers those feelings. I was thinking of my Father-In-law the other day too. I hope you are feeling better.
    1892 days ago
    I'm so happy you got off that ship before the problems hit. That is wonderful.

    Still praying for you and Jack. This will get better.

    Does Jack have a harness? You might be able to help his balance by holding him up by the back of his harness.
    1892 days ago
    I am glad you got through your MRI - I know you were worried about it.
    When do you get the results?
    Sounds like that down time is just what you needed ,
    1892 days ago
    Is Jack on vitamins? Lots of water helps too, but I don't know how to get a dog to increase water consumption other than mixing it with their food

    . Here is a nice link to a good article about Old Dog Vestibular disorder.
    /vestibulardisease.html Since I can't actually put a link in here you will have to cut and paste.

    I read a research paper and apparently the inner ear on dogs is similar to humans. They implied the Epply maneuver might help a dog, but. I am clueless as to how you would get a dog to submit to that. Good question for vet though. Hopefully, Jack is well in a couple of weeks.
    1893 days ago
  • CIPHER1971
    I will agreed we are the lucky ones, even though life can be an uphill struggle.

    Take care
    1893 days ago
  • HI-NRG
    Nothing wrong with taking a day off and I'm glad you don't feel guilty about it.
    And I agree, we are the lucky ones.
    1893 days ago
    emoticon I'm glad you have your Doggie - and they DO know that you love them and don't have to be told... and they love you!

    Glad you have your DH also! Sounds like you needed a snuggle day... My Dad died 8 months ago and I many of those days still also.
    1893 days ago
    i did not know that jack had that illness, oh melissa we love and adore our fur babies so much, but he has you and i am so sure that snuggle nap today meant everything in the world to him, poor baby i will keep him in my prayers

    i am also glad that you did not get stuck on that ship
    1893 days ago
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