Session 6 TRX down - When do I get to see the results?!?!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Morning world! I'm better today... not near as sore! Well let me say, my butt isn't as upper abs are still pretty sore... but that might be from coughing also... dang cold!

The upper ab soreness is a good thing I'm told... since lots of times people don't work that area.. they just concentrate on the lower abs... I'm also told that it very well is probably from the "rollouts" I'm doing in TRX ~ I know those were the worst of things this morning!

I took off of Zumba last night ~ flat out didn't go! I went home and played on the Wii for awhile. Yes, I felt guilty, but I really needed the break to let my body catch up.... and I think it made a difference on the soreness (not as sore this morning), and my attitude.... I was dreading this morning, but once I got here and started, it was all good and fine!

So Tuesday, we go to 2 circuits ~ after this morning, I think I MIGHT be able to do it without dying! Although it's gonna be a challenge!!! I'd much rather try, 2 circuits of exercises broke up by the elliptical once through! lol! So total of 9 exercises (x 2), instead of 3 exercises and then the elliptical etc... we could do 6 exercises and then the elliptical... thus only doing 6 minutes on the elliptical total insteal of 12! lol! I know, I know, that's not the attitude to have (trying to find ways to cheat it), but 6 minutes is killing me now.... I can't imagine 12 minutes!

but then again, I'm still wondering... WHEN DO THE RESULTS START TO SHOW UP????!!!! I mean, I guess I take the fact that my "form has improved greatly" as a result, but I'd really rather see the scale move, or see my pants getting looser, or SOMETHING?!? Yes, I feel stronger, (when I'm not crying from being sore lol!), and I can imagine my posture has improved, but once again, that's not the results I need at this point.... I need a little encouragement from the scale!

I'm not weighing everyday... I'm trying not to focus on that number... but dang it, when I haven't stepped on the scale in a week, and I do and don't see a change, or see a bigger number, it SUCKS!

Yes, I'm tracking my food ~ makes me wonder why ~
Yes, I'm getting at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week ~ lots of days more than that
Yes, I'm getting sleep
Yes, yes, yes..... so why Nope, Nothing, Nadda?

3 solid weeks in, you'd think I'd have some more positive results to report!
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    The first month is always the hardest, you struggle you weigh yourself, measure yourself look at yourself for visible results etc. You feel like you put so much in and your not getting much back but don't let this stop you it sounds like your doing well. Don't focus on what the scale says as gaining muscle will make you heavier just focus on how your clothes are fitting and how you have improved in fitness week by week. I found that after a month you start to see results. Also don't focus so much on what you should have done just do the best that you can do and push yourself outside your comfort zone within reason. It sounds a bit crazy but I've learned to love the feeling of shaky muscles and feeling horribly out of breath in cardio classes because then I know its working. All the best with achieving your goals focus on the little achievements and the big ones will follow. I think this post rings true for many women. emoticon
    2198 days ago
    My first several weeks were about the same. I honestly think that I was gaining muscle and losing weight. My pants do feel bigger than before. About week 4 I started losing 1-2 pounds a week. It will happen. Keep doing the right things. Your body is adjusting and it will happen. Don't be too hard on yourself. I know, I was SUPER frustrated too, but hang in there!
    2226 days ago
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