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Thursday, March 14, 2013

8:51 AM 3/14/2013
Hi everyone .. well its Thursday .. when I was able to work I would look Forward to Friday I am sure many do.. It was like the grind of getting up and going to work was
over you still had to work get food do all the home stuff but was a different pace .. you felt like you were your own boss ha .. When I was younger and my Children where
growing up the thing I wish I had done more of was just take time and go more with them or one on one time .. One day they are grown and married and you haven't got that
chance as a rule .. The days you spend time with them are memories .. My daughter is so awesome .. she does so much with her Children .. She bought Easter kits and Tyler
her son and her made things Amber was off to a friends and she is only 11 .. you ask yourself .. at what age do they become I don't want to hang out with mom .. Well it happens
around that age .. she used to have Grandma and Amber nights but now .. she hangs out with Friends and we are history .. So The biggest impressions you will make are
probably before age 11 .. Tyler had a blast and he came and showed me what they made is bunnies with frames .. so you can put a picture in it .. last week they did a t shirt
he put a cross on it and a few things just things him and mom do .. I didn't do a lot of that .. He was so proud when he brought it in .. his SMILE .. I know you will
never regret the time you spend with your Children ever .. We need to remember its the same with God you will never regret the time you spend with him .. it cant be taken back
I love my time with him .. I hate it when my day goes crazy and I miss hanging out with God .. then my day just kinda spirals .. Time is the only thing we have .. and I pray
you use it wisely .. is what I am trying to learn .. the time you spend with God or your Children or taking care of you .. you cant go wrong .. we need to take care of these
bodies is the only one we get here .. when we dont we pay ... WE can do this lets get healthy and Make memories .. God loves you and so do I .. have a wonderful day ..
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