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Day #263 - Not surprised...weigh in - Opinion Question

Thursday, March 14, 2013

But first things first.

Workout yesterday: Treadmill w/inclines 45 min; elliptical 45 min; plank 50 sec; jacks 14; squats 65;Weights 5 & 8#s 3 sets of 12 and drum roll please.... 10 walking lunges (yeah I did it)

Today: Gym/Wog; 50 sec plank; 70 squats and 15 jacks; 10 walking lunges

Okay my success story for yesterday is that I talked myself into trying the walking lunges. I actually did 10 while waiting on the roofer to pick-up his down payment. Wasn't that bad but my balance is way off. Good thing I did them in my hallway so the walls kept me from falling over a few times. My knees crunched loudly but they will get better. I think I can keep this up. Like I said yesterday I felt good and amped and I worked out with that energy. I feel that way today as well - I guess some of these vitamins are working emoticon finally!!!

Now for my weigh-in - I'm down 1.3#s!!! Should I be surprised by that? No it just goes to show ME that what I blogged about on the 8th was the truth and now I have the proof in the pudding. I stayed consistent with my eating, drinking water and exercising through the weekend and through the week and I dropped an actual pound. After my praise break ... my prayers were to remain consistent with this discipline.

What's your thoughts: I change into my workout clothes at work. So a lot of my co-workers have seen me doing this for quite some time. One co-worker that I don't see when I leave ran into me the other day. She starts joking w/me and male co-worker that I look good faking like I'm really going walking (joking around). So the male co-worker says no she's been dedicated to this for quite some time. So the thoughts that played through my mind is ...I guess people maybe saying - yes she looks like she's going to workout but we don't see any change in her; she must not be doing it right because she's not losing weight... thoughts along that line. I had to check myself on those thought quickly.

I sent my niece a picture of an outfit I had on and joked that she should ignore the belly roll. So she said wow auntie you look so young. My brother said the same thing to me a week ago. So we chatted about the hard work we're putting in but certain parts of our body isn't appearing to notice we need change "there" to really feel like it's working. So I realized that I was falling into a self defeat mentality by looking at this area as my focal point. So we encouraged each other to stick with it.

Do you ever have moments like this when others know you're on a weight loss journey and it's been a while without much outward change? Do you begin to make excuses for why it's not working? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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    Well thanks...typically most people only know I'm trying to lose weight (at least my co-workers) is because they see me after I change my clothes. It's not like I talk about it or anything. I've always been rather secretive about my journeys so that when folks do start to notice it's genuine - not those that know and are trying to say something nice. Anywhoooo thanks ladies.
    1892 days ago
    Two of my co-workers know because we are all trying to lose weight. We talk about what we ate the night before and so on. We are very honest so it keeps us on track. If someone is not being positive, I try to stay of away or be short in conversation. If you are not helping you most definitely not going to hurt my effort.
    1892 days ago
    This time around, I'm trying my best to not use any excuses! I know my hard work is going to bring forth results and you need to think this way as well. The weight loss journey is not easy, but it is worth the effort. Trust me, the outward changes will happen. You just cannot give up on yourself and don't worry about whether or not anyone else notices those changes. You will! Hang in there because I know you can do it!

    Also, congratulations on the weight loss! emoticon
    1892 days ago

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  • SUGAR0814
    Sounds like you have a hater at work so you must be doing something right! We're always going to find something about ourselves we don't like. Just put in some "extra" workout time for that area. It will get to where you want it in due time. It's YOUR journey! Not your coworkers! Tell that witch to eat dirt! Haters make me mad!!! Anyway, congrats on the weight loss! Stick with it! The weekend is approaching so start making plans on how you're going to get through it!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1892 days ago
    Your coworker is an idiot (the woman), whether you're going walking or pretending to is none of her business. I never explain anything to anyone unless I want to and if people are rude enough to ask me "how come it's not working?" or to state "it's obviously not working" then I am rude enough to tell them to mind their own business and keep their comments to themselves. Don't allow anyone to instill doubt in you, this is your journey, not theirs and you don't owe anyone any explanation.
    1892 days ago
    Sounds like you HAVE outward changes but just don't see them. Your niece said so, and so did your brother. Stop telling people to ignore your fat! Pay attention to how you talk to and about yourself. Be positive! You wouldn't say "ignore the belly roll" if a friend was showing a picture of herself! Don't do it to you, either!

    Body image is tough. I spent nearly my entire life in sizes above 20. I'm a medium now but never think the clothes will fit if I hold them up in front of me....they look too small. They DO fot, though, so I have no clue what I really look like at this point. Sounds like you just don't see the changes in you, either.

    Doesn't mean stop making the changes! Just trust outside eyes!

    You are doing great! Seriously!

    1893 days ago
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