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Weigh in day 3/14/13

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weigh in at 181, down .8 from last week. (celebrate)

Russ interviewed me on Tues; it went very well. The show should be out on the web by this weekend. I post a link when it's published.

I worked out hard yesterday. I went to the gym, and ran into Kristin (one of the trainers there), and told her I should do lower body since it's been a while, but I'd rather do upper body because I like it better. And she said I should just suck it up & do lower body. so I lifted hard, raised some of my weights, for about 45 min. Then I did Kristin's spin bike class for 50 min. My legs were burning!

Went out for pizza last night & stayed in calorie range (celebrate). Tonight I'm going out to Mexican food and margaritas with friends from work.

So... I bought 10 scratch off tickets to put in my reward jar (see 3/12 blog). And of course, I couldn't just buy tickets, I had to research the best odds first. Here's how to do that: just go to your state's lottery website, click on instant games, and look up the odds. Hint: the lower the number the better. I only bought 10 just to see if I like this reward system, before I "invest" more into it.

Today is Pi day. The day we celebrate the number 3.14 (etc.) with pie. You can also cut a bagel into a mobius strip. I was sorely tempted to make or buy some pie and bring it into work. But no one really cares about pi, and I don't need pie, so I didn't. so there.

A friend at work sells diet shakes and is hosting a weight loss "challenge." And although she's a beautiful person, inside and out, in great shape, and deserves all the success in the world, I don't want to participate in a fad diet that relies on processed foods. I want a diet that's sane and sustainable.

I've also been asked by SparkPeople to participate in a challenge, and I'm really considering that one.
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