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Paying a lot of $$ for complete humiliation.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally able to see the rhuematologist yesterday. He did a rudimentary physical exam on me and declared I have no outward signs or symptoms of anything auto-immune, but wants to have the bloodwork repeated.

Fine and good. The humiliation comes in now: I told him I landed in his office when my GP sent me off for bloodwork because I complained I wasn't losing weight. He panicked and spent the rest of the appt. telling me "you must be cheating"..."work out harder"...."no pills I can prescribe to help you". I guess he thought I'd demand a prescription before I'd leave the office.

I told him repeatedly that it just ain't happenin' and I'm not cheating. Who would I cheat? Only myself. Not interested in cheating myself, frankly. I track on both Sparkpeople and Weight Watchers now and I log EVERYTHING I eat. I went from couch potato to walking five miles a day. So frustrating!

Especially when his final words to me were "Lose 25 pounds and it will help your mood and your physical condition." What the hell??? Have you listened to ANYTHING I've been saying?

I will get the bloodwork repeated and the knee xrays done as he prescribed, and if I don't hear from the office about any bad results, I'm going to cancel the follow-up appointment made for four months down the line. I don't need to pay to get told I'm "cheating" and "not working hard enough". Hardly helpful!
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    Doctors often fail to understand that we have been living in these bodies for many years, and we know what is and is not normal for us. I've also had doctors assume I was lying about things. The assumption is that we all eat and drink more and exercise less than we say we do. It's even built into their training that the guy who says he has an occasional drink probably has two or three a week, and the guy who admits to two beers a day is having a six-pack a night. And I agree it's totally frustrating.

    1919 days ago
    I agree w/ your decision.

    Docs HATE being wrong or HATE not knowing what to say. I think they teach these wrong attituded in school. LOL
    1923 days ago
    This just makes me so angry!
    So many doctors know only what they learned in med school- often years ago- with little or no basis in reality or in the real world or the experiences of real people.
    My doc is sympathetic, at least, as he is a DO- not much younger than me and he and his wife both have struggled with their own wt.
    I still wish I could find some medical issue for my lack of wt loss, too- but my doc doesn't even seem interested in exploring the issue.
    Hang in there, my friend!
    1925 days ago
    change doctors as he is not listening to you.
    1925 days ago
    That is terrible! What a Dr.! My husband and I have had Dr.'s like that and went elsewhere. But, easier said than done! I found a great one now (so has he-actually found the heart problem-the one before didn't)! I told her I was frustrated with being stalled and she said, it happens to all who try to lose weight. She encouraged me to keep going and that I was doing great! She even wanted me to come in and talk to her weight loss class she conducted -she loved how I did it own my own and with SP-who she thinks is a great website! Some Dr.'s are only there for the money and don't really care about you or whether they are nice enough or really listen to you!
    I saw someone mention alternative medicine..we have a new lady Dr. (D.O.) down the street that is one of those. Interesting concepts on treatments-like chelation therapy or acupuncture.
    Hope all works out and I do understand how you are feeling! I wouldn't blame you for changing Dr's at all! Hang in there!
    1925 days ago
    Again, so sorry for the rigamarole you were put through with this guy. Let's see what the blood work says and go from there. I like what Rene176 said - they're just mechanics!
    1925 days ago
    emoticon I feel your frustration, Mrs. B, as I've been dealing with the runaround from the Western medical community. I had hoped that by having a female doc would make a difference, but not in my case. I've been researching alternative therapies for my condition and this afternoon I go see an acupuncturist and tomorrow I have my first consultation with a Chinese medicine doctor. These are ancient therapies that, in my case, can help. You may want to explore options outside of mainstream medicine. *hugs* BB~ emoticon
    1925 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/14/2013 7:50:46 AM
    Well that just stinks! I am so sorry he took that attitude with you. I have to say I am biased against doctors and their opinions very often because I was raised with them. I think that "what they think they know" gets in the way of hearing what the patient is telling them. It can be dangerous...during my last month pregnancy with Liam I complained to my Dr of severe pain in my rib section...he was so sure I had just cracked my rib and there was nothing to be done about it he ignored the problem. Thing liver was enlarging! When Liam was born I almost died of HELLP syndrome because no one paid attention to my took a student to look at me and say"She doesn't look so good." and start asking ME questions. She saved my life.

    I know that is dramatic but it is true and it is also true that you know you best. Don't take a brush off. Find a new doc. It seems to me like you are doing the right things and should have someone who will help you by starting with listening to you and believing you! Good luck!
    1925 days ago
    He sounds like most of the male doctors I've seen over the years - I had a few tell me my severe menstrual cramps were because I didn't like being a woman. (Later found I had severe endometriosis, and was essentially bleeding internally each month.)

    I now try to ONLY see female doctors. We at least listen to each other!
    1925 days ago
    I avoid seeing doctors.
    1925 days ago
  • RENE176
    Hang in there, remember that doctors don't really fix anthing, your body does all the real work. The doctors are only the mechanics!
    1925 days ago
    My MD did tons of labs with me, really unusual ones. She came up with issues I didn't know I had. Since getting treated with supplements to resolve the issues, I am doing better. It was hard to find her.

    1925 days ago
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