Inflammation, Allergies and Weight Loss

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I did not know that allergies to food could cause inflammation. I also didn't know it could raise insulin levels. Apparently (and in retrospect a big DUH moment) when you're allergic to a food and you eat it it raises your cortisol levels (which makes sense because the "attack" on your body by the allergin is a threat and thus raises the stress level systemically) and of course cortisol causes insulin secretion. Insulin packs away fat and prohibits fat to be used for energy. When you get inflammation of course you retain water. This would go a long way to explaining why I can take 8 months eating fairly strictly (but also eating things I was unknowingly allergic to) and lose 20 lbs and gain those same 20 lbs back in 2 weeks eating nearly the same foods and taking medication/inhalers (steroids).

In the past 3 days (actually 2 - Monday morning to Wednesday morning - today) I have lost 11 lbs. I know this is all water from the inflammation. I actually "feel" lighter, which is the first time that has ever happened to me. Even when I've lost weight before I didn't FEEL like I had. I attribute this to my having been bloated (probably for years) and the water now leeching out of my tissue so it's not stretched so taunt.

Monday, yesterday and today were the first three days in months I did not have stomach pain after eating. I actually was going to ask my doc to check me for an ulcer next time I had a physical because I got a severe localized pain in my tummy EVERY day after eating.

This isn't easy eating nothing I'm allergic to. I so far have added beef, chicken, veggies and mayo to my diet along with spice and salt. I had an iced tea (actually this evening) with splenda which I think MAY have some corn product in it (need to check that out) but I'm hoping it's minute enough not to matter, same with the vinigar in the mayo... I do have to eat SOMETHING! and if I can eat the mayo then it will make it a LOT easier to stick to this. Oh, and PB... it "appears" that neither peter pan nor jiffy contain things I'm allergic to, especially the peter pan which is what I'm eating. It does have sugar in it but like I said, I've got to eat something and if I have 3tb of PB every morning for breakfast with some celery that's a lot better than not being able to eat it. I am going to boil up some eggs this weekend and have a couple every morning for breakfast next week. I'm still working on the cooking with oil thing as I have to find something I like with eggs.

Soooo.... wish me luck!
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    It's great to see the weight pour off and you get rid of your stomach pain. I do wish you luck. I would like to do the same thing you are doing.
    3023 days ago
    When you have food allergies, you really have to read labels. I know this because I also have them. But emoticon It gets easier as you start to feel even better.
    3024 days ago
    Sounds like you are on the right track! Glad to hear you are able to eat without discomfort.
    3024 days ago
    Good luck, indeed!

    If Splenda does end up giving you problems you might try SweetLeaf brand stevia. No dextrose or maltodextrin or sugar alcohols. Just stevia and an indigestible fiber called inulin.
    3024 days ago
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