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Loving Yourself: Two Exercises to End a Negative Thought

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

“If we understood the power of our thoughts,
We would guard them more closely.
If we understood the awesome power of our words,
We would prefer silence to almost anything negative.
In our thoughts and words we create
Our own weaknesses and our own strengths.
Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts.
We can always replace negative with positive.”
~ Bettie Eadie from 'Embraced By the Light”

In yesterday’s blog, we decided that we must Declare An End to our negative thoughts. I have found a couple of simple techniques to help us to do that. We’re going to choose one. We are going to apply it to a negative thought we have caught ourselves thinking most often in the last week’s exercise of being present and aware of our feelings.

Negative Thought Worksheet

***Make some time in the next 24 hours to examine this thought worksheet with a friend, a family member, or someone you trust.***

Write your answers to the following questions:

The negative thought I want to change is:

What feelings go along with this thought?

Now, put your thought to the 3 Question Test:

Question 1: Is this really true?

Question 2: Is this thought moving me forward to holding me back?

Question 3: What other things could I say to myself (positive thoughts) that would be closer to the truth and helpful?

This second technique requires your being present and aware in every moment so that you recognize the thought and then can immediately respond to that thought with a simple phrase - “I Reject It.” This exercise is a simpler version of the one above because you deal with it in the moment rather than discussing it with another.


How to Do the “I Reject It” Exercise:

As soon as you say or think something negative about yourself, as quickly as you can, tell yourself "I REJECT IT" and say something positive instead.

So for example...

If you've been thinking or saying to yourself like "Why is my life so messed up?," as soon as that thought creeps up on you, immediately say:


Then immediately say something positive to replace the negative like, "My life is improving, and I am so blessed."


Saying "I reject it" defends you from accepting that negative thought or belief - but you must reject it in the moment and with conviction!

Always remember that your thoughts and the things you say about yourself affect you and control what you believe, and how you behave. These two exercises help to give you a defense against your negative thoughts and beliefs, to change them, to put an end to them. The more you exercise and practice these techniques the more you will see the negative things you believe about yourself will begin to change. Good luck with this exercise!

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