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Costuming& Catch-up

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have a few in-progress photos, but that's it. I really haven't done a substantial ammount on this costume yet. I'm worried about getting everything finished in time. My due date is May30th by bedtime. (Leaving the 31st)

My goal is to complete two costumes. The one I've been talking about lately (Kefka from Final Fantasy VI) is definitely the most complex. I'll also be making one of the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy IV (Scarmiglione/ Milon). That one is going to be primarily a burlap cloak, a rubber mask, and a bodysuit. It's going to take more work than that, though, because there' a hunchback harness that goes underneath and 4 gigantic horns I need to attach to it. I'm saving that for the last minute, though. Need to finish Kefka first.

So far, I've (mostly) finished the pants. I thought I was done, then I realized that there's some black wavy applique stuff I have to do to the short leg. The rest of the stuff was some beading and iron-ons. Pretty simple. (and apparently sideways)

I'm also concurrently working on the boots. I chopped up a pair of my old knee-highs for this. I don't wear them much anymore, and I'll probably be getting new boots this fall, so I only felt a LITTLE bad about it. The boots are assymetrical. The boot that goes over the long pant leg is a taller knee boot with a point at the top. It's two-tone with a black shaft and a grey upper. The one that goes with the short pant is a short boot in white that is all one color. Both have fun designs on them and pointy toes. So far, I've covered the shaft in the black brocade I want to use. The next part will be to create the pointy toe and cover the lower half of the shoe in craft foam.. then cover that in a silvery grey fabric that I have yet to purchase. After that.. embellishments! To get the point in the front and the rear curve (that cannot be seen in this photo), I made the top part out of craft foam. Then, I glued it to the shoe and covered the whole thing with the brocade. I love working on shoes. It's all glue and craftfoam and awesome. (brocade)

The final photo I have for you today is for an unrelated costume. I mentioned I was making two things for myself, right? Well, I'm also helping my brother's roommate make two costumes. He's coming up to visit this weekend. I will be teaching him how to sew by working on his stuff. His costumes are really simple, so I'm hoping we can knock out all 4 garments this weekend. I'm dressing him up as Sabin from Final Fantasy VI. He shaves his head because he's gone a little Bruce Willis up top, so I had to get a wig for his almost-Guile-from-streetfighte
r haircut. Like I said.. ALMOST Guile. It's not quite as.. uh.. wedge shaped.

Almost done styling it, at any rate.

You should have seen it before I started! It looked like this, in blonde!

Oh yeah.. source for that is this:

I figure we can totally knock out some MC hammer pants and a tank top in one day. His other costume just needs a cape and a hat. So yeah. Hoping for the best!

Food-wise, I'm totally playing catch up right now. I did a lot of damage over our mini vacation, and I'm still working everything off. I should be back on trak within a day or two. It's sad that it took nearly a whole week to get back to that weight, though. So frustrating!

The Brother doesn't know when he can go home, either. He thought it would be this weekend, but his area leader hasnt' given him any news. He had to come up with three work schedules at his store. One for if he's leaving this weekend... one for if he leaves right after Easter, and a third for if he's staying there.

Though, he won't REALLY be staying there... He's been up here "temporarily" for six months now! He's probably just going to quit if they dont' get him back home soon. If he knew he'd be here 6 months, he would have been able to sublet his apartment and make a little money. (I'm not charging him rent)

At any rate.. I had a point to all this.

It looks like I'm going to have a much easier time with food soon, no matter what happens. After all, the annual candy drought happens after Easter! There aren't any other major candy holidays between Easter and Halloween, and I KNOW my brother isn't going to be here all the way until Halloween, so I think I'm good now.

In the spirit of ADARKARA's corset challenge, I'm thinking about setting up a mini challenge for myself, as well. I think it sure would be nice if I dropped around 10lbs by A-kon. I'm not really sure how do-able that is, though. It's a little under 3 months. I think it is feasable for me to lose 4lbs a month if I stay on track. With 3 months, that would put me at -12. It's less than that, so 10 MIGHT be doable. If I can get on track, get motivated, and stick to the food plans that work. Junk food doesn't work. Look at my track record! I've had a lot of -2lb months lately. So.. if I keep THAT up, the bare minimum I'd lose would be 6lbs. So I think I can maybe swing 10 if I get focused and work hard. Hell, if I lost 10 lbs by that convention, I'd be 1/4 of the way to goal weight.. and it somehow sounds a lot more managable to break it down like that. I want to feel like an end is in sight, you know? Right now, it doesn't feel that way. :X

So.. 10lbs until convention. Thank goodness I put an elastic band in those pants, right? It'd suck to make them fit perfectly with a stiff band& a zipper and then lose the weight :X I can work with elastic. I can still wear elastic pants form my 250lb costumes! HAHA

So yeah.. I've been doing really well these past few days. I even had a substantially higher burn on the bike today than I've had in a while. I came like 30cal in range of my PR. I do think that the lack of strength training lately has kept me from hitting that PR again. I'm working on dealing with a lot of stuff around the house, but I need to get some strength training back in, pronto.

Stuff around the house: Firing landscapers (again), hiring new landscapers (again), getting bids on having a fence fixed, getting bids on bathroom remodel, potentially getting bid on having some blinds replaced...

Sheesh. Houses leak money! Our house is a good age though, and it needs a little TLC. We've been planning this bathroom remodel for a few years now. I think we're finally going to be able to do it this summer. We're saving our tax refund and putting some other money aside for it, and we're going to make it really nice.

Speaking of which....

Man, if you ever want to do something nice for yourself, soak your shower head in CLR for 24 hours. I get blasted to the far end of my shower stall by the water now. IT'S AWESOME.

Our pressure wasn't doing so hot, and we figured it was because the shower head was clogged with calcification, etc. Our city water is GREAT for gumming stuff up. We soaked it overnight and everything looked really gross, but now the shower feels like a deep tissue massage on your back! It's so nice. I almost didn't want to go on vacation for our anniversary. I just wanted to stay home and take showers all weekend. lol

Ugh.. I need to go sew!
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    So glad to hear about your progress!

    Also, I too rejoice in the candy drought. Cadbury mini-eggs with the hard candy shell are the bane of my existence (even if they don't taste as good as they used to...)

    Can't wait to see when those costumes are done. Also, you are one AMAZING wig lady!
    1863 days ago
    Houses are expensive, mine was built 85 yrs ago.
    1864 days ago
    I am fascinated by all the craftiness! I can barely work a gluestick!
    1864 days ago
    Wooo hoo sistah! Let's lose the WEIGHT!!!!!

    I love what you did with the wig! It looks amazing!

    I would love to someday make a LULU from FFX costume but I don't have the jugs for it, lol

    1865 days ago
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