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Wednesday Reflection

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Since our week-long challenge includes reminding ourselves of our reasons for the healthy journey, share on the thread exactly WHY you have joined Sparks, the BLC and the NINJAS!
~ 195.2 Booooooo :( my weight was up this week. I know exactly why. I was high in the sodium and we ate out like three times this weekend. It was not has bad as I thought it would be though as I did get over 250 fitness minutes. I only put on 1 pound.
This challenge is going to help because I'll have to put in my numbers. I have been writing everything down, but when I do that I do not know the exact sodium counts.

I joined SP to lose weight to show all those girls that I went to high school that I could be skinny like them and to prove to the world that I was not meant to be fat as I thought I was. I joined SP to be skinny and pretty, plus show that I can lose weight faster than my friend who had introduced me. I know that I joined for the wrong reasons, but they got me started. Along the way, I realized that it was much more beyond those things. I began doing it for me. I wanted to be healthy, I liked the way I felt, I loved having all the energy, I enjoyed interacting with others who share similar stories with me and who understand what I am going through. I began to think of SP as my family and wanted to do what I could to be healthy, supportive and help others become healthy along with me. I joined the BLC because I needed a challenge that actually pushed me. I joined other challenges, but they didn't seem to do it for me. So I tried BLC. I fell in love with the way challenges were created, the family I built on my team and the whole atmosphere of the challenge. I requested to be a Ninja for my second round for two reasons. One was because they sounded like they fit me, they were HARDCORE and that is what I need. I am extremely competitive, but if my competition is not at my level I do not enjoy it. I want to be able to push as hard as I can to prove to myself that I can do it and I want to beat others. I do not want to be given the win, nor do I want to "beat" those who are less competitive than me. I need the push, I want the push and every day I strive to win. I also requested to be a Navy Ninja because it's a tribute to my brother who is in the Navy and is completely into ninjas. It just reminds me of him every day. He is also as competitive as me so having that reminder pushes me even harder.
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