Looks like we are keeping Sadie... Foster Failure!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Well we have talked more and more about Sadie. She has become so attached to us and the others we fear she won't do well at another home. She has met some people who were interested but she wouldn't leave my side. I told them she is really shy at first.

Our dogs ans cats have really fallen for her as well. We have not made it official yet. Now that she is done with her heartworm treatment and allowed to get excited and all we will be training her more and bringing her around more people. Hopefully this gets her out of her shell.

Also we thought she was out of her nibbling on hands habit but is not. As a foster I do not feel comfortable letting her leave with a family if she still nibbles on hands. Most people think it is adorable but with as cute as it may be it tells the dog it's ok to put their hands in my mouth and bite. It doesn't hurt but if it were a little kid it might.

She adores the neighbor kids! She loves the attention and petting. But she is really protective! Now that she is no longer on cage rest we are seeing this side to her. Theodore likes to bounce around and bark when he plays, he will also growl at us playfully. Well Sadie doesn't like it. She gets really upset and thinks he is being mean.

I know people want a protective dog but most know the difference in playing and being in danger. She hasn't attacked him by any means but we stop it once we see she is upset. Also she is still afraid of tons of objects. The guy beat the crap out of her with blunt objects. She is learning to like most objects and not run to her kennel cowering down.

Also she is finally starting to bark! We are pretty sure the guy wrapped wire (due to a few scars around her muzzle) around her mouth to keep her from barking. But she is learning barking is not a bad things. We praise her when she does bark!

Also the biggest thing she has come over is her food aggression! The other dogs can now share a food bowl with her! She is still iffy with her bones but is getting there. Sadie will let me play with her food and take bones and other treats away from her with no issue.

Over all she is doing great with what limitations we had! Now that she is recovered we can go into normal training without worrying what it'll do to her health. In a few months we will go back to the vets office and see how the treatment did. Hopefully she is heartworm free! If not we may do the treatment again or just keep her on pills to make sure no more happen.

I really want to keep her! She is a great dog!! And proves Pit Bulls can go from horrible situations and be saved. Sadie came to us with every bone showing and being a guys breeding dog. now she is fat and spayed. Also she is not chained up outside!!! She is a couch potato and does sleep in a kennel at night and when we are gone. Mainly bc she is like a puppy again! Has to learn right from wrong.

I can't wait to get her ready for her CGC test! Time to get started on her training!

Might tell Ryan we are calling her rescue and telling them we decided to just adopt her. They are thinking we already are. Might as well make it official right?
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    Awwww. She's lucky to have you! You should post of pic of her.
    1927 days ago
    I'm so happy you could save Sadie from her past! I always tell my husband that I want to save animals from bad homes, but I have no training for that or even a home where dogs are allowed! I think you are such a wonderful person for being in Sadie's life and helping her see that her first owner was just a terrible person and we aren't all bad emoticon Thank you
    1927 days ago
    1927 days ago
    So happy to hear she is doing better!! It just amazes me how people can treat animals liek that. It breaks my heart to think about it. Glad she is no longer in that and is geting better!! I personally LOVE pit bulls!! They are great dogs!! I have an american bulldog that is mixed with pitbull. Hope you guys decide to adopt her and she gets to live out the rest of her life as a dog should...being loved and spoiled.
    1927 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    We briefly adopted a pitbull pup (the dog catcher ultimately adopted her - she was just too much energy and there wasn't anyone to play with her often enough) and she was great. I know the arguements about the breed, but more often than not, it's the people that are an issue. Good luck!
    1928 days ago
    Oh, that is great. Great for Sadie..and you! Sounds as if Sadie had a really rough start in this is like a whole new start for her.
    God Will Bless you for giving her a better life.
    Hope this all works out for everyone, Good Luck!
    1928 days ago
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