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My secret weapon!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

**disclaimer: this "weapon" works for me, but everyone is different, so...

Yes, I have a secret weight-loss weapon! But I am willing to share this secret, in the hopes that it will help you, too.
Every morning, I track all my food for the day. Yes, in the A.M. Yes, BEFORE breakfast. Yes, for the WHOLE entire day.
Snacks, meals - everything gets logged in and tracked before I eat it.
With my work schedule, this is a life saver! You see, I work afternoons and evenings, and snacks aren't allowed in the individual rooms. I teach piano in a music studio and could not eat in front of children - it's not fair to them, since many of them haven't eaten their supper yet. We have to go out for a snack, which means getting in the car and driving to the drive-thru and there aren't many choices, especially healthy ones. So the morning entry really works for me.
But what about weekends? Well, there is one area I can't always control. So on those 2 days, I will track early for the 2 meals I can control - breakfast and lunch. Supper - well, that I do try to track in the morning, but sometimes our plans change and I have to work around that. I try to stay within the calorie range and, sometimes I know ahead of time where we will be eating and can make adjustments to breakfast and lunch. But, entering everything and seeing it in black-and-white makes a HUGE difference and gives me a feeling of having control over what goes in my mouth. I still sneak some things I shouldn't, but into the tracker they go and seeing them there and how many calories, fat, etc, I've added really makes me think. Lately, I've been training myself to enter the "bad" foods into the tracker before I eat it and this helps me stop before I start.
I don't know if this will work for everyone, but it has really helped me focus on what and, more importantly, WHY I eat.
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