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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things are moving along here...25 lbs lost during my current short term goal of being at 299 by March 10. 15.8 lbs to go. I haven't seen that "2" for SO many years...it's really weird to think that it might happen.

I've been wondering what the difference is this time and why it's working and I'm sticking to it. I think it's several things.

1. In August and Sept I was to the point of being in a wheel chair again only this time it was due to tendon problems, inflammation and arthritis in my GOOD foot. That was really scary, especially since I didn't do anything to injure it, just walked too much and poof, off my feet for over 2 months. It healed REALLY slowly and was so painful if I didn't know better, I would have thought I was a pain pill addict the way I cried and begged for something to stop the pain. Plus, after the MRI, my Dr said it was so arthritic there wasn't much that could be done except start fusing bones to reduce the pain. (Mind you, I've already had 4 surgeries on the other foot to be able to keep walking on it.)

2. Then there's the sitting by, watching my daughter grow up and not being able to be active with her. And watching her weight go up and her use of food for comfort. (not my birth child, mind you!) She has been begging to do things I can't do and although my partner can do them with her, I miss out, if it happens at all. Her behavior would be soo much better if she were kept active. That whole thing breaks my heart.

3. Another thing is having my trainer who I love and am very comfortable with. I was so scared that I would hurt myself with all the foot issues and knee issues and threats from Drs over the years that if I broke my ankle again, it couldn't be fixed well enough to walk on. She is very supportive, very careful and listens to me. Since we're focusing on strength training, flexibility and balance, I'm cool with that and I have to say, I am noticing a real difference.

4. This time I have Jori on board, too, so she is doing all the dinner cooking and it is ALL Sparkpeople recipes. We are having a blast with that and even Dakota is raving that Nana has become the best cook there is!

5. Another motivation is that we have been paying on a resort vacation for a year and finally decided it's now or never to get Dakota to Disney World. I've been reading the disabilities forums and people are saying that even for people who weigh 350, there are only 2 rides they couldn't go on. I got that beat now! And anyway, really, who wants to go around in circles with Dumbo just to say you did it? I can live without that one. They appear to be amazing when it comes to accommodating people with mobility, weight and any other issues. They even have a pass to not wait in line with a Dr. letter for Dakota because of her issues, so that's great. It would be a nightmare in line with her. So, we are going to be there from April 6th to the 12th. I'm getting a scooter for the week because I WANT to be able to enjoy it and not be in so much pain. (Oh, yeah, and the ortho guy who looked at my knee exrays said"Do you want the really really bad news or the really really horrible news?") So, there will be knee replacements somewhere in my future. But for now, the scooter it is, which I can live with if I can get in the rides. I used to LOVE roller coasters...it's been YEARS. I hope I still do! LOL!

Well, there you have it for now. Thought I'd update and think through how I'm making this work and why. Thank you all for your support!

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    Thanks, you guys! It feels good to be being successful finally. I know I just had to like you said, embrace it and make it happen.

    Good to talk with you, too, Cheryl.

    Arch, thanks for the ideas! I will look those up...it does sound fun and I think Dakota would enjoy it, too. I did have her do the mile Walk Away the Pounds with me. I can do that on the carpeted floor without too much pain. She grumbled a bit, but she did it! I keep warning her that she can't ride with me on the scooter at Disney! I'm hoping she will be so excited she won't notice how much she is walking.

    Hmmm. Just realized, I feel good today. Weird feeling!

    Have a great day, all!

    Love and hugs, Kayla
    1900 days ago
    Great blog !! You've made fantastic progress these last few months. That "2" is closer than you think. Your daughter sees the progress you've been making too. While you might not be as active as you'd like with her right now, you will in future.

    Do you have a Nerf ball ? Do they still make those ? Even if you sit in a chair and she stands up, you could toss a ball back and fourth.

    Also, do you do chair aerobics exercises ? If you find it difficult to stand for long periods, then do cardiovascular exercises while sitting in a chair. there are kick boxing routines you can do, there are dance routines. I'll bet your daughter would have fun doing chair dance routines with you. check this out when you have a moment. could be something fun you could do together.



    1900 days ago
    It was so great to Google with you today. I am so very proud of you! It's just awesome that you're embracing it all this time around, no matter what the reasons are. You are an incredible lady! I am so hoping you guys have tons of fun in Disney World. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Love & Hugs, Calen~
    1900 days ago
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