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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Since I think I used "Procrastinatin' in the raiiiiiin" as a title before :)

made that with a goofy facebook app called bitstrips. It's stupid fun when I'm procrastinating.

Here's a list of things on my mind atm

1.) Sent to the ER

So I called to make a doctor's appointment, because i'm worried about all this stuff that's going on with my body and the nurse tells me based on my symptoms (shortness of breathe, palpitations, arm numbness) to go the emergency room....Right now.

Cause that's all my anxious mind needs

About 1000 dollars worth of tests later, there's nothing wrong with me. The doctor was concerned because my birth control is prone to causing clots, and my symptoms seemed related to that. So they pat me on the head and send me home. yay.

Except my heart is still randomly palpitating, and I'm still getting numbness in my arm, and I'm still short of breath.

However: most likely this is due to anxiety, sleeping like a doofus, and a developing chest cold ( I have bronchial asthma). So thanks for nothing ER. Here's hoping my insurance covers some of it

and I still have to follow up with my primary care physician. Ick, blah.

2.)Cook all the things

Dragged my sorry derriere to the supermarket (allll by myyyyssseeeeelllf), and cooked this week. So far we've had fake chilli (it has beaaaans and real chilli doesn't have beans, Sheldon told me), and my first attempt at a chickpea vegetable curry. The curry came out watery, but the flavor was good. I don't know why I keep trying Indian dishes, they always come out completely wrong. Menu for later this week: tortilla soup, chicken broccoli casserole and vegetable beef soup. Yup, I'm on a slow cooker soup kick.

3.) Having difficulty maintaining focus

I'm having an especially difficult time staying on task lately. I find myself falling asleep at inconvenient times during the day. even when I decide on an order of things to do, I start to feel so exhausted, and my mind drifts. I'm getting a pretty regular amount of sleep though, so not sure what's up. maybe worrying and being stressed out all the time is messing with me in more ways than expected.

4.) Walking

I'm walking abby again and taking short walks on my own, despite this crap weather. Where is spring? I hate the cold, and I'm sick of snow. I long for sunshine that actually warms you. Once I'm cleared for exercise, I'll start pushing myself harder.

5.) Awesome Spark folks

Thanks for all the suggestions and support. It gave me the gentle push I need to start tottering forward again. I followed up with my insurance, found a primary care physician covered by them, and started walking again basically because you guys are the awesomest

and so to end on a smiley kinda note: Here's my dog Abby all fluffed up for the whisker whirl a couple of weeks ago. It's to support the Animal Humane Society! So I got a comb and a blow dryer and did this to my dog.

yup. I'm turning into THAT kind of dog owner.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • OPTIMIST1948
    To make an omelet you have to break some eggs. To become an awesome chef, you have to have some flops. I had one this morning. Unsalvagable. I'm putting it out for the birds to eat.

    Cartoons = awesome. Insurance = PITA necessity. ER = PITA necessity too.

    1911 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog with the accompaning cartoons!! LOL!!!
    Thanks for sharing!! emoticon
    1924 days ago
    love your dog, and your blog, made me chuckle. Keep it up
    1924 days ago
  • ANDY_54
    How can I not like the reference to my main tap-dancing man? And, even if the ER did didly squat, I'm still glad you went...the symptoms you have mimic some pretty awful stuff, so they had to be sure. Super glad you have follow-up--make sure you pin them down to some (free) resources in your area. But look at this: you're walking and cooking and fluffing out your dog (who is undeniably cute!), I think that's incredible for the crappy way you've been feeling. Hope you keep slogging thru the muck, literally and figuratively. You're totally worth it! Sending some good vibes your way. P.S. Love the drawings!
    1924 days ago
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