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Sometimes you need a good kick in the hiney!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sometimes you convince yourself that you are doing everything right. You think your fitness is on track. You think your eating habits are in check. And then BAM! Out of nowhere you realize that it's been two months and a week and you are in the same spot...

So what gives?

It's reality check time. No my eating is not on track. How did i ever think that when i wasn't tracking? Yes, my fitness is great...but is it the right kind and amount of fitness to help the pounds drop off? Maybe...

So yesterday was the day!

Yesterday was the day that i said i'm no longer going to waste 2013. I workout ALL the freaking time, so stop eating all the crap garbage...even if it tastes oh so good...and eat to fuel your body.

I don't want this body anymore!

So what did i do?

I tracked my eating...

And i made sure i busted my ass and sweated yesterday.

I remember the days when i sweated so much and always took pictures. I know it's kinda sick, but i love to see myself sweat. It means i'm doing a good least in my book it does.

Yesterday i ate 2300 calories and burned 600 calories.

Today i will have eaten 1639 calories and i should end up burning about 800 calories.

This shirt is PROBABLY a size too small for me, but i only wear it under a jacket. This picture was taken right after completing my 10 miles for my half marathon training this past Saturday.

These were taken in December, the last full body shots i have...

Face shots...

December 2012

February 2013

March 2013

I definitely like my pictures better when i'm not sweating and cleaned up versus my hair in a ponytail and sweating. But you get the point.

March Goals:
Complete 125 miles walking/running...completed 43.61 miles
Complete 2600 crunches...completed 1380
Complete 3100 Squats...completed 1100

Today's goals:
4 miles for 1/2 marathon training
180 crunches
100 squats
ST (other then crunches and squats)
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