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Setting a Goal Weight

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That's it. I've decided. I've figured out what my goal weight is. When I get there, I am done. Period. No more trying to lose "just a couple more".

I have been within the same 5 lbs for 7 months now. I keep gaining and losing it. Oh, wait... that is maintaining isn't it? Yep it is. So, even though I didn't realize it, I am practicing what maintaining my weight will look like.

Funny thing is, despite having set a goal weight, I have no idea what it is. I am training for back to back half marathons in April/May. They are a week apart. This is the hardest I will likely ever train and be able to maintain my training. Because really, I'm not killing myself for this. I'm not training super hard. I'm just training. I'm also really pretty happy with my nutrition. Sure, I could probably cut a couple hundred calories (ehm... ice cream) from my daily diet. But, do I really want to? I don't feel deprived and I don't feel like I'm killing myself with stringent nutrition and I also don't feel like I'm binging or over indulging.

So, basically, here is what I have decided. When I finish my training, my half marathons and have a week of recovery... the second week of May, that is my goal weight. That is the weight that I will likely be able to maintain with the level of effort I'm comfortable putting in. Sure, I COULD put in more effort and lose a few more pounds and get back down to my 127... but I don't NEED to.

And, honestly, I wasn't really all that happy at 127. I felt tired, deprived, grouchy and kind of depressed that I still wasn't pleased with my bum. I'm going to have massive cellulite at 140, 135, or even a skeletal 115. It's the way I'm made and I'm never going to be "happy" about it. But, I can accept. I can be content with the body I have and have been given by nature (and my mom!)

So, I've settled my question of effort. This effort I'm putting in right now... this is the level of effort I want to maintain. My goal weight will be with in a 5 lb range of whatever I am on May 10, 2013. And I'm excited about that. It's nice having a place to hang my metaphorical hat.
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