Day 275 - Back to Tracking

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well, Guys, I'll admit it's been fun.

It's been nice not to have to stress about counting everything.

It's been really, really nice not to think about my deficits.

Today, however, I've got my head back on straight and my focus has returned.

I'm hoping for my Birthday to be down 1 -2 Pounds.

I can totally do this. That, friends, would be the best Birthday present to me, ever.

The Birthday is Next Tuesday. I know what it takes to lose that kind of weight in a week. I know the kind of mindful eating and purposeful activity it requires. So, I can do it. Just like a year ago when I decided I'd start doing something; well, I'm back to doing something again.

160 or bust, I say.

In other news I'm a closet fan of the Biggest Loser. If you watch and don't know who's in for the Finale skip down a couple of paragraphs. I have to say, I'm SO PROUD of Dani. Culturally, Americans are taught to favor the Underdog. While we love when -our- team is on top, we're also the sorts to root for the underdog to win as our secondary way of cheering. Well, that girl has been the underdog the entire competition. I mean this, in the sense, that she's had to do all of the work herself the entire time - and time, and time again she's put up great effort. I know it's unlikely she'll be the Biggest Loser, though. You see (for those that don't watch the show), with things being calculated based on percent lost she's at a significant disadvantage when pitted against these men. They all started off with a much greater amount of weight to lose. Dani started around 250, and from the looks of it I'm guessing her ideal weight is probably between 140 - 160. That means she can only HEALTHILY lose around 120-130 pounds. These guys, on the other hand can probably lose around 150-180 pounds to reach their healthy weights. At some point, Dani's own natural, healthy weight will keep her from being able to reach the % of weight loss to win.

This makes me sad though no less proud of what this girl has accomplished.

Tonight is the first meeting back with the study in a month. They're going to tell me I haven't lost any weight since December. I know.

Here's hoping I'll wow them in April.

Though, I have to say, I can tell even without the scale moving that my body is changing significantly. I am almost completely out of back fat and the dents in the sides of my legs are almost gone. I've also always had 'violin deformity' in my hips. It's where at the hip joint the body naturally curves in and stores fat above and below that divot - it's definitely less pronounced than when I was 200+.

The things I allowed myself to do while I was on tracking hiatus that are no longer happening:

1. Fast Food for dinner (I will confess, I did this three times last week.)
2. Mental justification of McDonald's Breakfast Burrito after my Saturday Long Run
3. Snickers Bars
4. Unintentional Eating

The Fast Food is probably going to be the biggest change. I didn't go to the store this weekend while I was working on the house, so I'm going to be living off of canned soup and tuna; but, I'm not so sad about that.

I don't know if I should be proud or what that I managed to maintain my weight with the way I've been eating for the last couple of weeks; but, now I say no more. I deserve better. I know I'll perform better on my runs when I fuel my body appropriately.

Alright, enough preaching and mea culpa!

Back to work!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Happy Early Birthday! Mine is Monday! emoticon

    I'm still hoping for Danni to win. My poor dog was scared to death after I saw her number and screamed! And, oh my goodness, she gained 19 lbs of muscle!

    Kick some *beep* Dude!
    2410 days ago
    You are forgiven for all your fast food indiscretions. Now, onward to success you go! I am also rooting for Dani particularly since her opponent did not support one of the other contestants and broke his promise not to vote him off. It was not a nice thing that he did. Dani had to work one on one with Jillian sometimes yelling at her. She deserves the win! I am going to try to go online and vote for Jackson to be the third contestant. I don't know if Canadian votes count.
    2412 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/12/2013 6:14:13 PM
    I still think Dani can win it. There have been three women Biggest Losers over the 14 or 15 seasons.

    The women seems to keep the weight off, most of the past men winner have put back on the weight.

    2412 days ago
  • AMIEE376
    good luck! and i like the part about the true! but yeah it's probably for the best to cut it out ;)
    2412 days ago
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