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And Possibly the Complications

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am one tired puppy.

Yesterday was a LONG day. It was an enormous job interview, and I didn't even see everyone I was supposed to! Hence, even if all is positive and wonderful and lovely, I would STILL have to have a phone screen with this last dude.

That would be my third phone screen, on top of six hours of interviewing which included a one-hour presentation by me.

I cannot begin to tell you how beat I am. But how do I feel about it all? Does the linked song provide a clue, perhaps?

In the morning, I had four separate interviews. I think they were mainly good. One was a woman I had phone screened with, and I had thought I'd blown the phone screen, but obviously didn't. I felt similarly in the interview, and then reminded myself that that was what I'd felt before, so it was likely to be all right.

Then I met, erm, someone (it's blurring together), then a gal who would be a peer. The peer mentioned that she lives in Somerville. Well, I had been in Somerville the day before, running a 5K.
Hence we suddenly had what to talk about (she had not run it). But it was a good icebreaker. Then I met the only man I met with at all that day; he was more of a mathematical kind of a person and gave me a scenario and asked me what I'd do. When I told him, he said that that was exactly what he had done - apparently a part of this job is to revive that older project (as you can imagine, I cannot say too much about such things).

Then it was time for lunch. My hoped-for boss took me. She's another Somerville resident, and asked me about the race. It seems she's also a runner but she didn't run it, either. But there's also a gym in the building, at the end of the day, would I like to see it? Sure. I think I handled the lunch okay. I got a sandwich that turned out to be messy, and it turned out to be served with fries. By that time, I was already pretty fried, and my only coherent thought was to have them hold the bacon. But the fries? They were meh. There was a time when I would have cleaned my plate of even meh fries. Instead, I ate my turkey and avocado sandwich and had maybe ten of the meh fries and that was good enough. Got back and washed my hands really well.

On to the presentation.

I could pick anything I wanted, and I did not have a deck of slides from anything, so I had to do it all from scratch. I selected Social Technographics ( empowered.forrest
) for my topic. It is, essentially, about how and why people use the web in different ways.

I ran slides. I pointed. I paced (I hate sitting for such things). I pounded the table. I modulated my voice. I answered questions (and I even clarified an answer in one of my thank you notes). I am thinking that part went really well but who knows.

Then, one more interview ('cause I hadn't had enough of 'em, apparently) and then I would have had a phone screen with the guy who ended up being stuck in the air, flying back from Detroit.

Then I got my little tour of the little gym, and my hoped-for future boss remarked that she had offered to lots of people to show them the gym but I was the only person who had taken her up on it. We shook hands, she gave me directions to get onto Route 128 (even though I have a GPS) and she told me I'd hear this week, most likely, as to whether I'd be talking to this guy.

My impressions are that they are very thorough but perhaps too much so. Sometimes, you have to punt, you know. And sometimes there are deadlines and you just can't do everything according to Hoyle. So that's all kind of strange. They were recently purchased by a company in the Midwest (I had originally thought that the new parent company was overseas, but they aren't; they're in the Mountain time zone) but the transition is still not complete. Those sorts of transitions can be troublesome; my experience is that those usually mean layoffs. Hence I could be going into a situation that could end abruptly.

The commute was okay; I had been worried that it would be a real pain. The gym is okay, but the area is flat and seems safe and well-plowed, so outside walking during lunch might be a better way to get in fitness minutes. While I was there, someone had brought in homemade Irish soda bread and put it in the break room, but I just ignored it as if it were a fancy paperweight with raisins.

Do I want this job? I think it could be a productive way to spend some time, and I could learn quite a bit. Is it my passion? No. Is it exactly what I want to do? No. But it will more than pay my bills until I can fulfill my passion.

But if I'm going to be hired, I have to go through another damned phone screen.
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    Good luck, Jespah, I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that this turns out for you in the very best way possible. Did you catch the article on yahoo this past week about all of the hoops that companies are putting prospective employees thru? Evidently, this is becoming the norm rather than the exception. I find it totally discouraging (and for those who end up not getting hired after doing all that hoop jumping, demeaning and demoralizing). Not to mention expensive.....some of the prospective employees who had been interviewed for the article stated how much expense they had put into gas, clothing, materials, etc. Keeping positive thoughts that you are going to be one of the lucky ones! God bless.
    1928 days ago
    OMG the PACES employers put a prospective employee through...! I am OH-so-happy not to be out in the meat market these days...whew!

    Sounds like you did SUPER bearing up under it all, though...crossing all my digits for the tide to turn in your favor!

    1928 days ago
    That was an intense day. Good for you for hanging tough. Sounds like you did really well. I request permission to borrow the paperweight with raisins imagery. Awesome!
    1929 days ago
    Sounds like you did a great job. You sound like you were so cool under pressure.
    1929 days ago
    WOW that's an intense interview!!! But I think it sounds good - especially since you looked at the gym, LOL! But really, little things like that leave an impression.

    So good luck!
    1929 days ago
    Good Luck Jes. Keep those updates coming. Be nice to hear that the bills were paid off and you did not have to eat the fries to get there. Congrats on that part too.
    1929 days ago
    I would do well to learn some table pounding skills from you:)
    It sounds like you did your part of the process very well. I hope they come through tolerably well until you do find your passion. All the best!
    Excellent restraint with the meh fries!
    1929 days ago
    Sounds exhausting. Hope it turns out the way you want
    1929 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    Good luck. Sounds like you did a great job!
    1929 days ago
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