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Monday, March 11, 2013

Keeping you all updated, last Wednesday I wasn't feeling very well so I sat down to watch a bit of tv. For those of you who keep up with me, you already know that I started to have heart problems last April (2012). While watching tele, I was very tired but had that feeling that I better not go to sleep (you know, lest I not wake up). Family was gone so I jumped in my car (with spoiled dog in tow) and headed off to the ER (my favorite place...NOT). Since spoiled dog was riding shotgun, I had to wait for the Fam to get there so that I could turn her over to them, and then get myself in to see what was wrong with my ticker (this time).

When inside, the wait wasn't very long until I had to wait for results from the lab. By that time, it was after 2:30 a.m. and my child was tired as I'm sure DH was running back and forth between the car to check on spoiled dog and the ER to check on me. So, I proceeded to snatch all of the wires off my chest and tummy as well as that IV thing out of my arm. I figured if something was really wrong, they'd call me. Then, the doctor runs in to say "You will be our guest for the night". Per him and his "expert" opinion, I had suffered a very mild heart attack. Who me? Healthy Me? No way, Jose (and I don't even know a Jose, so there!) Well, I sat back down, feeling like "here we go again".

Later that morning they started with all of these needles, and yáll know how much I hate needles! (actual text message from KTTAYLOR: "how are you getting needles in your stomach? U are scared of needles???"). Yep, we all know how I'm scared of two things, the Good Lord and Needles. Other than that, I'm a pretty tough emoticon. But yáll, let me tell you, I don't know if It's because I have too much fat around my middle (lol), but I didn't even feel that dang needle in my stomach! Before I had the chance to make a face to start acting a fool the way I do when I know you're about to get close to me with a needle, the nurse said "it's all over!" (Are you kidding me? Really? Let's do it again!....well, not really, but OK, Good!).

So I'm home now, trying my best to be good, to rest, relax, let go of stress and just "pray and heal". I said I was trying, we'll see how it goes.

So the other day, since DD #1 is home for Spring Break, she and DD #2 wanted to take me to lunch to Outback Steakhouse. While we were chatting, DD #2 decides to take my phone and snap pics of herself (she is definitely MY CHILD!). Not knowing that I have a pic just like the one she took, I wanted to post that pic which is my Profile pic, along with similar pics of DD #1 and DD #2. I am amazed at how much they actually look like me, and how many of my features they actually have. So, with no further adieu (did I spell that right?), here is just our Smiley faces (without the faces)...

(for some reason, SP is not giving me the option to pull any photos from my SP photobook, so just look at my profile pic at the top of the blog and compare).

DD #1 (22 yrs old)


DD #2 (14 yrs old)

Now, that I've left you with my "just because" blog for the day, here is your evening inspiration:

Since being released from hospital, I have not missed ONE day of exercise! Now, if I can do that on a "fickle" ticker, surely you can get in a workout on your very healthy one!

Keep Sparking, here and in every ER and Outback where there are SMILEY FACES!

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