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March 11 - Dogs

Monday, March 11, 2013

One of my next door neighbors has four dogs. They started off with two, then had three, and recently added a fourth one. Now, as someone who has more than her share, I have no problem with how many animals they do or don't have. What I DO have a problem with is the way they treat....or don't treat...their pets.

They NEVER walk them. I've seen those dogs walked exactly TWICE in the four years they've been here. They leave the dogs outside, regardless of weather, and Texas summers can get brutal. It makes no sense why they keep gathering dogs when they basically leave them in the backyard, do no discipline, and only use their names when correcting - a BIG no-no.

You'd think with my own Little "Cesar" - as in Millan = living next door, they would have learned something. Because no matter how much their dogs bark, mine don't reciprocate. And if any of them does, all it takes is one "hey" from Jordan or myself and they stop immediately.

It's just maddening when I'm trying to nap on my days off that my sleep is interrupted because that entire household will be home and no matter how much their dogs bark, they do nothing to stop them.

Some people really shouldn't have dogs.
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